NODES 2022 Best Of! Day 4

21 Dec, 2022

Watch the top rated sessions from NODES during our re-runs! These are recorded sessions from NODES 2022. More videos from NODES: 1) Building Neo4j Ops Manager Lessons From Dogfooding – Sascha Peukert We’ve recently released a new product: Neo4j Ops Manager. When building it we decided to use quite a few Neo4j frameworks and projects, like Spring Data Neo4j, Neo4j-Migrations, and the Cypher-DSL. From this experience of using our own tools, we learned quite a bit that we would like to share in this session. Tips and tricks included! Speakers: Sascha Peukert 2) Aura Enterprise is Coming to Azure Cloud – Find Out What We’ve Been Up To! – Paul Blewett Join our Aura Product Managers and find out about our latest adventure. Neo4j’s enterprise-ready cloud DBaaS offering, Aura, fully managed, in your cloud of choice. Speakers: Paul Blewett Slides: 3) Making Sense of Geospatial Data With Knowledge Graphs – William Lyon Knowledge graphs help contextualize and enrich data by modeling and querying relationships between entities using a graph database and have been successfully used alongside geospatial data and map tooling for use cases such as logistics and supply chain analysis, fraud detection, investigations, suitability analysis, real estate, and data journalism. In this presentation, we examine how the open-source Neo4j graph database can be used with QGIS and Python for making sense of geospatial data using graph algorithms and graph data visualization while combining data from OpenStreetMap, cadastral data, and public data portals to find insights that address the use cases mentioned above. Speakers: William Lyon Slides:

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