Training Series – Tame Your Graph with Liquibase for Neo4j

19 Mar, 2024

This session introduces you to the synergistic power of Liquibase and Neo4j, emphasizing how this combination can significantly enhance your database management and refactoring capabilities. With Neo4j’s schema-optional nature, developers enjoy the flexibility to iterate and optimize data representations rapidly. However, evolving data models can become challenging to manage. Here, Liquibase, a leading tool in database refactoring with a history of over a decade, steps in with its innovative Neo4j extension, promising a streamlined solution for managing complex data transformations. During the workshop, you will explore the transformative benefits of integrating Liquibase with Neo4j, including: – Change Versatility and Expressiveness: Learn to use a variety of formats such as XML, Yaml, JSON, and Cypher, offering unparalleled flexibility to meet the specific needs of your projects. – Flexible Tracking with Tagging and Rollbacks: Discover how to effortlessly track changes, mark significant milestones, and perform rollbacks when necessary, ensuring your data integrity remains intact throughout the refactoring journey. – Streamlined Execution of Complex Refactorings: Gain insights into executing sophisticated graph refactoring operations with ease, facilitating precise and efficient data model adjustments. – Extensive Integration Options: Delve into various integration pathways, including CLI and Spring Boot, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate Liquibase for Neo4j into your development workflow. Trainer: Florent Biville & Marouane Gazanayi, Neo4j Slides: Liquibase: Neo4j for Liquibase: Neo4j for Liquibase Docs: Sandbox: Cypher Manual: #neo4j #graphdatabase #training #liquibase #database #databasemanagement

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