Using Graphs for Telecom Churn Reduction | Van Bruggen and Gamulin

12 May, 2015

Explore how graph databases reduce the churn in a telecom provider’s customer portfolio, by looking at the dynamics of the interaction between subscribers. Rik brings 10 years experience in sales, specifically in web-based application development and security/identity management. Previously with Courion and Imprivata, Rik has managed sales and strived for customer success across Europe. Rik is a Belgian technology addict with a passion for sales, family, friends, music, travel, and of course, good food and even better, beer. Niko Gamulin, Researcher, University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Electrical Engineering Niko is a researcher at the University of Ljubljana. He is currently pursuing his PhD with interests in artificial intelligence and churn reduction. Previously, Niko was involved in the development of mobile broadcast technology as an engineer for a high-tech startup. His passion for science and engineering has led him to provide innovative solutions for unsolved challenges. Read more here: #Telecommunications #Telecom #GraphDatabases

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