White Paper: Fraud Detection — Discovering Connections with Graph Databases

Detect Fraud in Real Time with Graph Databases


Tens of billions of dollars are lost every year by U.S. Banks (1) and as much as 20% of unsecured bad debt at leading U.S. and European banks is actually first-party fraud (2).

Graph databases offer new methods of uncovering fraud rings and other sophisticated scams with incredibly high accuracy, so your company can stop advanced fraud scenarios in real time. Graph databases provide enhanced insight based on data relationships, to you can develop next-generation fraud detection systems based on connected intelligence.

Download Fraud Detection: Discovering Connections with Graph Databases and learn how powerfully graph databases can uncover:

  • First-Party Bank Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • e-Commerce Fraud

About the Authors:

Gorka Sadowski has spent the last 20 years in CyberSecurity building safer and better computing environments. From invention to innovation to product, he has defined, influenced, evangelized, and brought to market many Technology and Security solutions and services to the Industry.

Philip Rathle, VP of Products, Neo4j, has a passion for building great products that help users solve tomorrow's challenges. He spent the first decade of his career building information solutions for some of the world’s largest companies: first with Accenture, and then at Tanning Technology, one of the world's top database consultancies of the time, as a solution architect focusing on data warehousing and BI strategy.

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