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Join live sessions on Graph technology and how it is transforming the modern enterprise. This free online event turns you into a Graph expert — no matter your background or familiarity with Graph technology!

Discover what’s new with Graph technology and Neo4j. Hear our experts talk about innovating with Graphs, responsible AI and Graphs for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Coronavirus update: In the light of Covid-19/Coronavirus health concerns, Neo4j has transformed GraphTour Paris and Rome into digital conferences. They will offer the same key content, and take place on the same day as originally planned.

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Why Attend?

Discover What's New

Get a front-row seat to all of the latest developments and technologies being released in the graph database ecosystem.

Be Inspired

Learn straight from the experts about explainable AI, graph-powered machine learning, continuous intelligence, business analytics and natural language processing – all at Neo4j GraphTour.

Build Connections

Meet graph experts like Amy Hodler (co-author of the book “Graph Algorithms”), Emil Eifrem (Co-Founder of Neo4j) and Jim Webber (Neo4j Chief Scientist) and connect with fellow graph enthusiasts, including Neo4j users and customers in your region.

Get Graph Help

Bring your in-progress idea or project to our all-day GraphClinic and receive one-on-one advice from Neo4j experts.

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