7 Reasons You Should Go to GraphSummit

We would like to officially invite you to our GraphSummit Series! It kicks off in Paris this summer, with stops in London, Sydney, and lots of places in between, before wrapping up in Copenhagen this fall.

Needless to say we’re really happy to be back on the road across Europe and Asia-Pacific!

These one-day conferences will take our GraphConnect content on the road while including local flavour and updates relevant to the individual cities. Our Neo4j experts will share the latest trends for innovating with graphs and provide insights that can be immediately applied to your data challenges. And because relationships matter to us, you’ll see both new and familiar faces from the Neo4j team and growing community. You will also get to hear from some of our amazing customers and network with like-minded peers.

Here are just a few of the best reasons why our GraphSummits are must-attend events:

  1. The Locations
  2. We are touring Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region – with 17 stops already scheduled, there must be a city near you! Find your closest location now:

    Paris: June 27
    Amsterdam: June 28
    Milan: June 29
    Brussels: June 30
    Berlin: July 4
    Munich: July 6
    Madrid: July 7
    Zurich: July 12
    London: July 12
    Manchester: July 14
    Tel Aviv: July 18
    Stockholm: September 6
    Copenhagen: September 8
    Sydney: July 12
    Melbourne: July 14
    Singapore: July 19
    Bangalore: July 21

  3. Meet Our Neo4j Experts
  4. Get the full graph experience by meeting the team behind the leading and #1 platform for connected data! This is your opportunity to spend some time with our local teams, who know the best use cases and help customers put our solutions into production. It is an occasion to network, exchange ideas, and ask questions to get the best out of Neo4j.

  5. Hear From Our Customers
  6. Our morning session will feature customers presenting their Neo4j stories. This is a great way to hear from others about what graphs can do, what challenges they faced, and how they overcame these challenges. You might even get some inspiration for your own projects.

  7. The Workshops
  8. Want to get hands-on with Neo4j? Now is your chance to do so, surrounded by Neo4j experts to guide you (and set you up with all the tips and tricks). Have questions? They’ll be able to answer them and give you additional resources.

    We’ll have two workshops each afternoon, so choose wisely – you can only attend one!

      • Graph Database Workshop: An introduction to Neo4j, Modelling, and Cypher
      • Graph Data Science Workshop: Discover Modelling and Cypher as a Foundation for Graph Data Science

  9. Product Updates
  10. We just love our product, and sharing updates at live events is what we like to do best! Expect to hear our latest announcements and what new product releases are available. What better time or place could you ask for to hear about a new Neo4j release than in a room full of graph experts?

  11. It’s All About Relationships!
  12. Network with like-minded Graphistas. It’s not just about us, it’s also about the community. And the best way to celebrate that is to have a chat in between sessions and talk to your peers while enjoying a fika and having some fun!

  13. The Takeaways
  14. Wondering what’s in it for you? We want to ensure we’re bringing you the freshest content and latest updates from the graph world straight to your door. These events are for both business and technical audiences, and for all levels of experience from beginners to advanced users.

Because these summits are designed “à la carte,” you can choose to stay the whole day or only for some sessions. No matter what role you have, there is something for everyone. From customer presentations to product updates and hands-on workshops, there will be plenty of takeaways to make a difference as you progress in your graph journey.

Feeling geeky? Check out the agenda – in some locations we will have meetups to wrap up the day. After a cheeky beer, of course!

See you there!

Don’t miss out on all the graphy fun. Find a GraphSummit location near you and register today.

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