Announcing New Neo4j Online Training Courses!

Learn about the three new Neo4j online training courses.

We’re excited to bring to you three new training courses we just published on our GraphAcademy site:

Let’s have a look at each online training course:

Introduction to Neo4j 4.0

This is a free two-day, self-paced course to learn about Neo4j 4.0 and the basics of using Cypher.

This course is an update to the course Introduction to Neo4j 3.5, now with much more content and hands-on exercises related to importing data into a Neo4j database.

The lessons of this course include:

  1. Neo4j is a Graph Database
  2. The Neo4j Graph Platform
  3. Introduction to Cypher
  4. Using Where to Filter Queries
  5. Working with Patterns
  6. Working with Cypher Data
  7. Controlling the Query Chain
  8. Controlling Results Returned
  9. Creating Nodes
  10. Creating Relationships
  11. Deleting Nodes and Relationships
  12. Merging Data in the Graph
  13. Defining Constraints for Your Data
  14. Using Indexes
  15. Using Query Best Practices
  16. Overview of Importing Data into Neo4j
  17. Using LOAD CSV for Import
  18. Using APOC for Import
  19. Using the neo4j-admin Tool for Import
  20. Using an Application for Import
  21. Using the Neo4j ETL Tool for Import
You can go through the hands-on exercises for this course using Neo4j Desktop installed on your computer, a Neo4j Sandbox or a Neo4j AuraDB instance.

Basic Neo4j 4.0 Administration

This free one-day, self-paced course teaches you the basics of managing a Neo4j 4.0 instance.

The lessons of this course include:

  1. Introduction to Neo4j
  2. Overview of Neo4j Administration
  3. Managing a Neo4j Instance
  4. Using cypher-shell to Manage Databases
  5. Copying Databases
  6. Changing the Database Location
  7. Checking Database Consistency
  8. Scripting to Manage Databases
  9. Configuring Plugins
  10. Changing the HTTP Port
  11. Importing Data
The course uses an Enterprise Edition Docker instance as some of the administrative tasks are only supported on Enterprise Edition.

Graph Data Modeling for Neo4j

This free four-hour, self-paced course teaches you how to begin modeling your application as a graph.

You will learn the best practices for Neo4j graph modeling and gain experience modeling a sample application, as well as evolving a model as the application requirements change.

The lessons of this course include:

  1. Introduction to Graph Data Modeling
  2. Designing the Initial Graph Data Model
  3. Graph Data Modeling Core Principles
  4. Common Graph Structures
  5. Refactoring and Evolving a Graph Data Model
This course is intended for developers, admins, architects, anybody who might be participating in the modeling exercise for your application. It does not have any requirement for you to set up your environment, although it does require that you use the Arrow tool for developing your models.

Check out this video, which goes into greater detail about these three new GraphAcademy courses.

We also have this discussion area on our Community Site if you have any particular issues or questions around the training. That’s true for any of our online training courses.

Are you a Certified Neo4j Professional yet?

If you go through the course Introduction to Neo4j 4.0, you’ll be prepared to take the free certification exam.

When you pass the exam and become a Neo4j Certified Professional, you gain exclusive access to advanced training half-day courses that have not yet made it into our online catalog at GraphAcademy. This year we are offering eight different mini-courses that will be offered virtually and will be recorded for later viewing.

So that’s a brief overview of what we have for our three new courses on GraphAcademy. We hope you get something out of these courses and they help you to learn more about Neo4j.

Ready to take your Neo4j skills up a notch? Take one of our online training classes or get certified at our GraphAcademy, and get started today on leveling up your graph database game!

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