April is APOC Awareness Month – Publish and be Rewarded

apoc tshirt sample

That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to use the APOC spring release to kick off a of blossom of articles and demos on how to use APOC in really cool ways.

In this APOC Awareness Month we will honor blog posts published in April that demonstrate cool applications of APOC with an Amazon Gift Certificate of $100.

We will award at least 10 prizes, with the goal of handing out 5 per week. So be early if you want to catch one.

Everyone who publishes an interesting article, even if you don’t win a prize, you’ll get a one-and-only APOC t-shirt from us

Of course your articles will be promoted on Twitter, the weekly Neo4j compilation and a summary blog post at the end of the month.

How to Submit

Just, follow @neo4j and tweet out your article link and picture with the hashtags #neo4j #apoc

We will find it, have a look at your article, and DM you for your email address to send the Amazon Gift Certificate or an equivalent if the certificates don’t work for you.

Here are the content rules

  1. You demonstrate how to use APOC procedures and functions
  2. You use a realistic graph model
  3. You show how to import/migrate/export some data using that graph model and APOC
  4. You query the graph with at least 3 different, interesting Cypher queries
  5. Your article teaches in a nice way, using graphics (e.g. model, screenshots), Cypher-code and well written prose

Interesting data-sources and -sinks to integrate with

  • Data sources like MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MongoDB, CouchBase, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Spark, Flink etc.
  • APIs like GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter, Trello, other Atlassian Tools, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.
  • Datasets from public sources (governments, non-profits), competitions, public sources or scraped results (e.g. with import.io)
  • ML tools and libraries like iPython Notebooks, Zeppelin, Tensorflow, Keras, Open.AI, Apache Beam, scikit-learn etc.
  • Visualization libraries like Gephi, D3, Cytoscape, OGMA, viz.js etc.

  • Any many others that you might come up with

Some examples that would qualify


Feel free to reach out to me with questions, best on the neo4j-users Slack (https://neo4j.com/slack) in the #neo4j-apoc channel, feel also free to raise issues with APOC on the GitHub repository.

Also if you’re unsure if your idea qualifies, just DM me on Slack or Twitter.

If you don’t have an own blog or place to post, you can alway publish on Medium (who are also using Neo4j for recommendations).


If you haven’t used APOC before, here are some good resources:

Enjoy and have as much fun as we do, when putting some cool stuff together for others to use & learn.

Michael, for the developer relations team here at Neo4j