Knowledge Graphs Empower Your Data to Do More!

Hey everyone! It’s summertime and it’s getting hot out there. You know what else is hot?
Knowledge graphs!

In this month’s webinar round-up blog, I’m focusing on knowledge graphs – not only because they are driving industry disruption and business transformation, but also because this month’s Connections virtual event (a digital event series to keep the graph database community connected, energized, and engaged in education) is featuring all things knowledge graphs, and I thought I’d give y’all a warm up.

In recent months, we’ve hosted several webinars on knowledge graphs that would be good to watch or rewatch to get ready for Connections. Here’s a short list:

Neo4j APAC Connected Data Series: The Impact of Knowledge Graphs on Business

Hosted by Neo4j Chief Scientist, Dr. Jim Webber, this event features Neo4j subject matter experts Dr. Maya Natarajan, Amy Hodler, and Jesús Barrasa as they discuss the popular subject of knowledge graphs.

Neo4j: Knowledge Graphs and Graph Analytics for Robust, Responsive Supply Chains

This 45-minute webinar will look into how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused fundamental changes in consumer behavior, supply chains, and routes to markets.

You’ll learn that with a combination of knowledge graphs and graph-based analytics, supply chain companies can bring complex products to market on schedule, proactively take action to remediate potential issues, and mitigate risks through greater end-to-end visibility.

Connections: Knowledge Graphs

Last but certainly not least, I suggest you take some time to review the 2020 Connections event on knowledge graphs. Here’s the abstract from the event:

Knowledge graphs relate structured and unstructured data (often disparate and spread across your organization) to help identify information and reveal important but hidden facts. They are also necessary for creating semantic AI applications that inherently thrive on contextual connections.

These recordings showcase a full day of thought leadership on graph data science, featuring speakers from NASA, BMO Financial Group, and GraphAware, as well as Neo4j experts like Jesús Barrasa, Head of Sales Engineering in EMEA.

Thanks for reading and watching and don’t forget to register for Connections: Knowledge Graphs 2021. Be sure to catch it in your part of the world – July 28 in North America and July 29 in EMEA and APAC.

See ya next month and happy summer!