New Certification Exam Available: Neo4j Graph Data Science

Take this new certification exam to become a certified Neo4j Graph Data Science professional.

We have added a new certification exam for Neo4j Graph Data Science on Neo4j GraphAcademy.

There is a growing community of developers and data scientists who are using the Neo4j Graph Data Science Library to perform analysis of their graph data. The Neo4j Graph Data Science Library contains many graph algorithms that Neo4j provides full support for, as well as algorithms that are implemented, but not fully-supported (alpha/beta).

You can become certified in Neo4j Graph Data Science to demonstrate to your colleagues you have this high-in-demand skill.

About the Exam

The Neo4j Graph Data Science Certification exam tests you in these areas:

    • General use of the Neo4j Graph Data Science Library.
    • Graph Data Science workflow used during analysis.
    • Using specific graph algorithms.
The exam has 40 questions that you must answer in 60 minutes. You need to score 80% or higher to pass the exam.

The exam is free and you can take it as many times as you need to in order to pass. You can only take the exam once in a 24-hour period.

Resources to Prepare for the Exam

Here are some courses that will help you prepare for this exam:

    • The courses: Introduction to Neo4j 4.0 (focusing on multi-database, subqueries, full-text schema indexes
    • The course: Basic Neo4j 4.0 Administration
    • Neo4j Cypher Manual (focusing on Cypher subqueries, Administration, fabric)
    • Neo4j Operations Manual (focusing on Multi-database, RBAC, fabric)
    • Developer/KB pages: Sharding Graph Data with Neo4j Fabric Creating and configuring database-local roles
Here are some great resources for learning the skills you need for the Neo4j Graph Data Science Certification.

These free online training courses teach you how to use Cypher and Neo4j:
  1. Overview of Neo4j 4.x
  2. Querying with Cypher in Neo4j 4.x
  3. Creating Nodes and Relationships in Neo4j 4.x
  4. Using Indexes and Query Best Practices in Neo4j 4.x
  5. Importing Data with Neo4j 4.x

These free online training courses teach you how to use the algorithms and workflow of the Neo4j Graph Data Science Library:

Here are other resources you can use to prepare for the certification exam:
  • Neo4j Graph Data Science Documentation
  • Neo4j Graph Data Science Developer Pages
  • The Neo4j Cypher Manual

  • Good luck with your Neo4j Graph Data Science learning experience. We look forward to seeing you as Neo4j Graph Data Science Certified!

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