This Week in Neo4j: Cypher, GenAI, Podcast, Graph Databases and more

Welcome to This Week in Neo4j, your weekly fix for news from the world of graph databases!
In this edition, we cover a guide on Cypher debugging, JSON-based agents for LLMs and an Intro to Graphs. Our GraphStuff.FM podcast discusses RAG with graphs and what database to choose for the best outcome.
This week, we started with our Workshop Series. The sessions continue the next week. I hope to see you join us!

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  • Dave Aitel is well-known in the cybersecurity community for his significant contributions to the field. He has been involved in various aspects of cybersecurity, including offensive security, vulnerability research, and cybersecurity policy.
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    In a live stream “Lessons learned from Real-World Graph App Development” he covers Cypher optimisation, the nuances of data importing and practical graph data modeling from his personal history of what he learned since developing with Neo4j. He passes on some valuable lessons to help you navigate the complex landscape of graph app development and achieve optimal results.
    Dave Aitel

    CYPHER: Slow Cypher Statements and How to Fix Them

    For a couple of weeks now, we have had some reports that some of the quizzes on Neo4j GraphAcademy have been slow. As this is all running on a Neo4j system, Adam Cowley takes this on and explores how to debug a slow Cypher statement.
    GENAI: JSON-based Agents With Ollama & LangChain
    By now, we all have probably recognised that we can significantly enhance the capabilities of LLMs by providing them with additional tools. Tomaz Bratanic shows how to implement a JSON-based LLM agent by using the Mixtral 8x7b as a movie agent to interact with Neo4j through a semantic layer.
    PODCAST: RAG Databases with Johannes Jolkkonen: When to Choose a Graph Database vs Alternative Vector or Relational Stores

    In the March episode of GraphStuff.FM Jennifer Reif and Alison Cossette are joined by Johannes Jolkkonen, an independent consultant. With his background in data engineering, he helps companies build their RAG applications; he also creates tutorials on YouTube around RAG, Knowledge Graphs and LLMs.
    GRAPH: Intro to Cypher
    Veronique Gendner shares her slides from an introduction to graph databases and the query language cypher workshop. It is a great starting point for learning what graphs are and understanding Cypher better. Veronique also tells her story on how she discovered graphs and why she likes them.
    TWEET OF THE WEEK: Vasilije

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