This Week in Neo4j: Cypher Queries, IKEA Knowledge Graph, Linkedln Course, and More

This week we’re featuring a post by biomedical engineer Tom Nijhof, who explains how his performance issues were solved by using Cypher query parameters. This allows for the query plan to be cached and reused. An important step along the way was to batch the writes using Cypher’s Unwind feature in order to expand a list, replacing the Python for loop in his code.

The biggest graph technology event of the year, NODES 2022, is back November 16 and 17, 2022! We are honored to welcome as speakers: Ward Cunningham, the creator of Wiki; Ashleigh Faith, host of IsA DataThing YouTube channel; Rhys Evans from The Financial Times; and Kateryna Nesvit, Visiting Professor, Data Science at Marymount University. These are just four of this year’s 90+ speakers.  Save your spot.

Yolande Poirier

Dr. Kateryna Nesvit has a Ph.D. in Mathematical Simulation and Methods of Calculation and master’s degrees in applied mathematics. She has been teaching in at a university level for 11 years with courses in applied and computational mathematics such as numerical analysis, data science, knowledge graph, data analysis, recommendation systems, and others. Dr. Nesvit has published 65 papers, including one scientific patent. She has given 34 talks at conferences and congresses in Europe and the United States. In addition, she worked for seven years in the industry and was a Vice President of Data Science. She built a data science platform that predicts compensation for talent across the IT industry for more than 15,000 companies. Don’t miss her live presentation during NODES – save your seat now. You can also follow her on LinkedIn.

PROGRAMMING: Optimizing Cypher query by using parameters
It’s good programming practice to use parameters in Cypher Queries whenever possible. This allows for the caching of queries within the Cypher Engine, which is beneficial for performance. Tom Nijhof discovered this feature and explains how it worked for him.
KNOWLEDGE GRAPH: Why IKEA’s Knowledge Graph Has Three Layers
Katariina Kari, lead ontologist at Inter IKEA Systems, explains how envisioning their KG on three layers is not only useful for organizing their work but also for communicating its contents to non-technical stakeholders.
VIDEO: Discover Neo4j AuraDB Free with Michael and Alexander

Michael Hunger walks you through accessing OpenCitations, a project aiming to publish open bibliographic citation information in RDF.

COURSE: Introduction to Neo4j

If you’re trying to figure out a connected data problem, looking to understand how to spot one, or just want to learn about graph databases, check out this course. Join Lulu Lazarevic, data geek and part of the Field Team and Developer Relations Team, for interactive, hands-on lessons using Neo4j!

THEORY: Wardley Maps and Graph Databases

With the transfer of a Wardley map into a graph database, the map can be analyzed and interpreted with structured queries. This facilitates their evaluation and allows for automated recognition of patterns.

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