This Week in Neo4j: Data Modeling, GenAI, GraphQL, App Development and more

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In this week’s edition, we use Gemini Pro for Data Modelling, look at a curated list of videos about the GenAI Stack, dive into GraphQL and start developing an AI-powered search engine.
Additionally, we continued with our Workshop Series. For our final workshop next week, we work with geospatial data!

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Jennifer Abel is a Software Developer at synyx GmbH with a strong focus on graph databases. She recently wrote a blog series covering deploying Neo4j and NeoDash.
Connect with her on LinkedIn.

In a livestream “Kubernetes Deployment” that came with a blog series, she shows how to migrate Neo4j from v4 to v5 and how to deploy Neo4j on Kubernetes. She also goes on to explain automated backups for your data system by using Kubernetes Cronjob.

Jennifer Abel
DATA MODELLING: Generative Transformation from ER Diagram to Graph Model Using Google’s Gemini Pro
Fanghua Yu demonstrates how easy it is to use Google’s Gemini Pro to extract entities, relationships, and fields from an entity-relationship diagram, which are then transformed into assets of a property graph model stored in Neo4j.
GENAI APPS: Step By Step Video Collection: Building with GenAI Stack
Balaji Kumar Venkatramani collected a lot of videos in this overview post from all kinds of creators on building Apps using the GenAI Stack. In 17 videos, you can watch anything from a general overview to RAG to LangChain and Ollama.
GRAPHQL: Working with Graphs and GraphQL
This recording from a GraphQL Bangkok Meetup Dan Starns gives you an overview of how to work with Neo4j and GraphQL.
AI APP: How to Build Your Own AI-Powered App: Every Detail Spelled Out Step-by-Step
At the start of the series, Aniket Hingane shows us how to build an AI-powered Dev Search Engine together.


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