This week in Neo4j – 1 July 2017

Welcome to this week in Neo4j where we round up what’s been happening in the world of graph databases in the last 7 days.

This weeks edition is not brought to you by Mark, because he’s busy taking care of his extremely cute, newborn daughter. Congratulations and all the best to your wife and yourself Mark, we’re very excited.

That’s why I wanted to use the opportunity to feature Mark himself as this weeks community member.

He started as a support engineer at Neo4j helping customers, then became a developer in our clustering team in London building the new Causal Cluster infrastructure and now brings all his enthusiasm into our very own developer relations team.

Mark Needham - This Week's Featured Community Member

Mark Needham – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Ever since he joined Neo4j he wrote countless articles, grew the London meetup almost singlehandledly to 3870+ members, organized many hackathons, took care of the Neo4j training classes and started the Online Meetup. And for more than 4 months now he compiles all the goodness of our community into

On behalf of everyone at Neo4j and in the community, thanks for all your work Mark!

This week we could welcome the 5000th member (Eddie Fuller) to our neo4j-users Discord the place to be when you have questions or answers around Neo4j and related projects.

GraphConnect Highlights

Now that it’s been a bit more than a month that Neo4j 3.2 was launched at GraphConnect Europe in London and all the videos and slides of the talks are available, we want to highlight a few that we liked a lot.

If you have experiences with Neo4j to share with a broader audience, please submit your talk for GraphConnect New York on Oct 24-24. The Call-for-Papers runs until July 16.


This week we’ve seen a number of releases from the Neo4j team.

Blogs & Publications

Online Meetup: OGMNeo a JavaScript Object Graph Mapper for Neo4j

In this week’s online meetup Luciano Almeida, presented his JavaScript object graph mapper for Neo4j that aims to make building JavaScript applications easier. Besides CRUD functionality, it also provides a Cypher-DSL, DTO and DAO support.

He also demonstrated an example application that used the OGM to drive a REST (Swagger) and GraphQL API.

If you wrote an Object Graph Mapper for Neo4j please reach out to us, we plan another event with a few different OGMs for different languages or approaches and perhaps a discussion between the authors.

Our upcoming Online meetups are also not to miss:

On GitHub: Tutorials, Visualizers, Testing, Security

    • Michael Moore made a very cool Advanced Neo4j Practicum available, which is based on the Marvel Universe. It teaches how to use different tools to load data, design a schema and deploy a full stack reporting application.
    • Marco Falcier demonstrates in this project how to write Neo4j User Defined Procedures in our new favorite language Kotlin
    • From last weeks Neo4j life sciences event in Berlin,, Simon Jupp published the content for workshop: Importing lifescience data into Neo4j as a Neo4j browser guide
    • The assertj-neo4j project was already started several years ago, but got updated this week to work with Neo4j 3.x
    • Joanna Bitton published a react component for visualizing Neo4j graphs, this comes in very handy
    • Nigel Small created a Bolt Proxy server which could be useful as a test server or for logging and debugging when building Bolt powered graph applications.
    • Stefano Cordio created csb – a Big Data Benchmarking Suite for Cyber-Security Analytics based on property graphs.

Meetup Recording

Chris Willemsen from Graphaware presented his “Chatbot and Conversational Experiences with Amazon Alexa, Neo4j and GraphAware NLP” talk at the Prague Graph Meetup two weeks ago.

Last week, the video recording was published:

From The Knowledge Base

This week from the Neo4j Knowledge Base we have 3 posts:

Next Week

What’s happening next week in the world of graph databases?

It seems summer and holiday season has finally started and there are not too many events. So get out, enjoy the sun and have fun with your friends and family.

Our next week’s Online Meetup will feature Greg Walker who demonstrates how he solved importing and querying the Bitcoin blockchain in Neo4j. The import code is available in Greg’s bitcoin-to-neo4j library if you want to take a sneak peek before the session.

Tweet of the Week

Will Lyon observed at the IRE17 journalism conference, how journalists from the Washington Post and the ICIJ explained their use of Neo4j in investigative journalism.

Don’t forget to RT if you liked it too.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Michael