Neo4j Discord Chat

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The Neo4j Discord is a friendly chat atmosphere for lively discussion, collaboration or comaraderie, throughout the week and also during online events.

For help, the latest news or to share work you’ve created, please visit our Neo4j Forums instead!

Getting Support

If you are a customer, please raise a ticket at our support portal or contact our professional services directly.

For more involved questions, please raise them in an appropriate category on the Neo4j Forums. The forums allow other users to search for questions and answers, sharing knowledge throughout the community!

Chat Guidelines

Please don’t cross post between channels if not asked so explicitely.

Don’t use any @here, or @channel mentions as many of the channels have a large number of members.

Please be respectful of varying users and beliefs and avoid content that could be perceived as offensive by others.

Channel Overview

We’ve organized the channels into a few different groups. Most channels are for typing. Each group of channels also has an audio/video channel, for stepping into a room to have a quick conversation.


  • #welcome - brief introduction to Discord and how to get set up

  • #introduce-yourself - pleased to meet you

  • #graph-lobby - general banter

  • #suggestions - suggestions about Discord

  • #leaderboard - track how actively you’ve been chatting

  • #graph lounge - audio/video


  • #product - any Neo4j product

  • #cypher - querying with Cypher

  • #graphql - application view of data

  • #data-science - make sense of data

  • #app-dev - building applications

  • #open-mic - audio/video

Neo4j Events

  • #open-space - weekly events

  • #nodes - yearly developer event

  • #graphconnect- yearly graph conference

  • #watercooler - audio/video


  • #live-stream

  • #social-media

  • #neo4j-news

  • #release-notes

  • #events

  • #help-others

We hope you enjoy meeting fellow users and chatting about Neo4j!