Neo4j Bloom

Breakthrough graph visualization, exploration and communication tool.

Illustrate the Value in Your Connected Data

Neo4j Bloom is a breakthrough graph visualization, exploration and communication tool.

With Neo4j Bloom, your team experiences:

  • Visual presentation of your graph data tangibly reveals non-obvious connections.
  • Easy-to-understand visualizations explain data connectedness to every colleague.
  • Codeless search tools let you quickly explore your data without technical expertise.
  • Browsing tools make it easy for you to discover new insights from your data.

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Simplicity for Business Users

  • Contribute to technical teams with codeless search-to-story design.
  • Easily identify categories, labels and relationships with a natural type-to-search interface.
  • Effortlessly inspect and edit data elements including properties, relationships and adjacent neighbors.
  • Quickly find and illustrate the shortest paths between nodes.

Power for Advanced Neo4j Users

  • Define and save new graph perspectives and assign role-based access to each one.
  • Help novice users with more complex queries using custom Cypher-based functions.
  • Link from external applications into Bloom with a search context and a perspective.
  • Run Bloom as a native graph app in Neo4j Desktop with automatic updates.

Enterprise Readiness for Graph Administrators

  • Fully control user authentication and role-based perspective security, managed with the Neo4j Database.
  • Support Neo4j Enterprise Edition in both standalone and Causal Cluster configurations.
  • Host the Bloom web application on Neo4j’s web server or your own.
  • Offer a browser-based interface to all users (including Chrome, Firefox and Edge).

Who Uses Neo4j Bloom?

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Neo4j Bloom has the following prerequisites:

  • Access to a running instance of Neo4j Enterprise Edition
  • A Neo4j Desktop instance or browser URL to access Bloom
  • The Bloom server plugin installed on each Neo4j Database instance to be accessed
  • A Bloom license attached to each plugin