Neo4j Bloom:
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Neo4j Bloom is a graph exploration application for visually interacting with graph data.

Neo4j Bloom is a breakthrough graph exploration application available in the Neo4j Graph Platform. Bloom allows graph novices and experts alike the ability to investigate and explore their graph data visually from different business perspectives.

Its illustrative, codeless search-to-visualization design makes it the ideal interface to communicate with peers, managers and executives, and enables them to share in the innovative work of their graph analytics and development teams.

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How Neo4j Bloom Extracts More Value from Your Connected Data

Here are just a few ways Neo4j Bloom enhances the value of your connected data:

  • Visual presentation of your data reveals non-obvious connections and materializes abstract graph ideas and concepts in a tangible way that users can see and navigate.
  • Simple, easy-to-understand graph visualizations explain the concepts of data connectedness for colleagues who may not naturally think that way.
  • Codeless and keyword-based search tools allow you to quickly explore your dataset without technical database expertise.
  • Browsing tools give you the ability to pan, zoom, select, focus and see details - making it easy for you to discover new insights from your data.
Neo4j Bloom

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Neo4j Bloom has the following prerequisites:

  • Access to a running instance of Neo4j Enterprise Edition (local or networked)
  • A licensed Neo4j Desktop instance
  • The Neo4j database to which Bloom connects must be indexed for the data which will be visualized
  • A Bloom license attached to that server instance
  • Modern hardware-based GPU