AuraDB is the easiest and fastest way to build graph applications in the cloud

AuraDB empowers developers and architects to quickly build intelligent, AI-driven applications with the flexibility and scalability needed for any use case. AuraDB provides seamless connectivity to services on AWS to expand your reach, compute power, and delivery.

AuraDB is purpose-built to leverage data relationships within all workloads. Fully managed and completely automated, AuraDB allows you to focus on building applications without hardware or maintenance concerns.

Zero Administration

Provision in minutes, scale on-demand. Automated service upgrades, patches and maintenance – all with no downtime or maintenance window.

Production Ready

Enterprise-grade security, reliability and durability. Highly available with 99.95% uptime guarantee and a self-healing infrastructure with fully-managed backups for automated data recovery.

Developer Friendly

Build apps faster and easier with lightning-fast query performance, drivers, native tools and integrations to manipulate, visualize and analyze your data, supported by the largest graph community.

Predictable Cost

Easily understood capacity-based pricing with hourly billing and no variable costs. Rates start as low as 9 cents an hour.

Seamless Integrated Experience via AWS Marketplace

Launch with a Click from Your Console

Easily deploy AuraDB in minutes with just a few clicks. Click to launch, select your database size and get running.

Ease Budgeting with Unified Billing

Get a single bill for all AWS services and Neo4j AuraDB usage for easy spend management. You can use your AWS billing arrangement and draw down on your spending commitments.

Access Anywhere, Stay Compliant with Global Availability

Deploy your databases in the global region you select. Your data stays local – always – and ensures compliance with regional data protection regulations.

Get started now with AuraDB on AWS Platform.

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