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Launching Neo4j Desktop in Linux (Ubuntu & Debian) with an .appimage file

A quicker way to install is using the .appimage file directly from The download for linux distributions is in the form of a .appimage file. AppImage files can then…

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How activation keys work

Summary Activation keys are mini-contracts that are signed by Neo4j, granting access to a "feature". Typically, features are entire applications like "Neo4j Desktop" or "Neo4j Bloom" but they may be…

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Neo4j Desktop password change failure

This document provides info and resolution for the error message on a clean install of Desktop 1.0.2x, Neo4j DB version 3.3.x mentioning "Database failed to create: Error: Could not change…

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Resolve Port Conflicts in Neo4j Desktop

Occasionally upon upgrade or re-install, Neo4j Desktop may throw a repetitive port conflict exception for ports 7474, 7687, 7473, whilst providing a "Fix Configuration" option. However, selecting this option does…

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Troubleshooting Neo4j Desktop Issues on Linux

This page describes common issues users may encounter when running Neo4j Desktop on Linux. Error: The SUID sandbox helper binary was found, but is not configured correctly. Explanation Neo4j Desktop…

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