Neo4j ETL Tool - Interactive Relational Database Data Import

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Many people want to import the data from their relational systems into Neo4j. The Neo4j ETL tool was developed to make this initial import straightforward.

It extracts the schema from any relational database and allows you to turn it into the graph schema you need.

Then it takes care of importing the data into your graph either in bulk or online mode. You don’t need to know Cypher to use this tool, it takes care of all the heavy-lifting.

This allows you to explore datasets that you already know as a graph.

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Availability & Installation

The ETL-Tool Graph App can be installed into your Neo4j Desktop via

From there it can connect to any RDBMS and local Neo4j databases (online or offline) as explained in the user guide.

It can also be run as a command line-tool please download the appropriate zip file from the release.

Functionality Includes

  • Neo4j-ETL Graph App in Neo4j Desktop

  • Manage multiple RDBMS connections

  • automatically extract database metadata from relational database

  • derive graph model

  • visually edit labels, relationship-types, property-names and types

  • visualize current model as a graph

  • persist mapping as json

  • retrieve relevant CSV data from relational databases

  • run bulk or online-import

  • bundles MySQL, PostgreSQL, allows custom JDBC driver with Neo4j Enterprise

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Videos & Tutorials