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Bloor Research: Objectivity and InfiniteGraph

Philip Howard, Research Director, Bloor Research, gives insight into the evolution of Objectivity/DB, an object database, and its foundation in InfiniteGraph, adding graph database functionality such as supporting triple store. Read the full article.


Knowledge Graph is Boosting Google Searches

Amit Singhal, a top Google search executive, has seen an increase in search activity due to the new Knowledge Graph.  In an interview with WSJ, Singhal stated, ““Early indications are that people are interacting with it more, learning about more… Read more →


Spain's Era7 Bioinformatics – based on Bio4j – to Set Up Shop in Boston

Era7 Bioinformatics is a Bioinformatics company specialized in sequence analysis, knowledge management and sequencing data interpretation. Read the full article  (requires registration) Bio4j is a bioinformatics graph based DB (Neo4j). Learn more about Bio4j


Next Up: Google Science Fair for Student Project with Neo4j

High school students Paul Wagner and Till Speicher are now in the finals for the Google Science Fair 2012.  With more than 1000 competitors worldwide, Paul and Till’s Typology is one of 90 selected projects to be judged  on June… Read more →


SD Times: Graph databases are an alternative to Hadoop

SD Times has a new article out today on Big Data just getting Bigger. “Graph databases are appearing as an alternative to Hadoop and other data stores for Big Data. Neo Technology’s [CEO Emil] Eifrém said that his company’s flagship… Read more →



neo4jはJavaベースの組み込み型のグラフデータベースエンジンでスウェーデンのNeo Technologyが提供するオープンソースソフトウェアだ。 なお、neo4jはオープンソースソフトウェアだが、ライセンスはAGPLv3となっている。そのため、neo4jを使用してオンラインサービスなどを構築した場合もソースコードを公開する必要がある。これを回避するための商用ライセンスが提供されている。利用にあたっては注意してほしい。 neo4jの最新版は2010年2月にリリースされた1.0となっている。本稿ではこのバージョンを使用する。 neo4jのダウンロードページよりneo4j-kernel-1.0-binary.zipをダウンロードし、アーカイブに含まれているneo4j-kernel-1.0.jarとgeronimo-jta1.1spec-1.1.1.jarをクラスパスに追加すれば利用準備は完了だ。 Mavenで使用する場合はpom.xmlに以下の記述を追加すればよい。


Twitter Suggests Who To Follow with Interest Graph

TechCrunch covers Twitter building out the “Interest Graph.” This is the first sign of Twitter getting serious about building its own interest graph. This is the social network’s first big move that shows it following in the footsteps of Facebook,… Read more →


With Neo4j, High School Students receive Top Awards in European Science Competition Finals

High school students, Till Speicher and Paul Wagner were honored with the 4th place prize at the "Jugend forscht" 2012 Finals, held in Erfurt, Germany on May 20.   Till and Paul presented their winning Typology system built with Neo4j which accelerates… Read more →


New Google Knowledge Graph Gets Deeper into the Results

It’s all about the richness of connected data in Google’s new ‘Knowledge Graph’ which will enable users to locate the correct search results and discover new information about the search.  Knowledge Graph is integrated into the search results by adding a new… Read more →


Why I'm Excited About Using Neo4j for a CMDB Backend

By Willie Wheeler Zkybase is my first open source configuration management database (CMDB) effort, but it’s not the first time I’ve built a CMDB. At work a bunch of us built–and continue to build–a proprietary, internal system CMDB called deathBURRITO as part of… Read more →


Neo Technology Wins TiE50 2012 Award

Leading Graph Database Company Edges Out Over 2000 Entrants and 130 Finalists Worldwide to Earn Further Validation With Prestigious Award in Software Category Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced that it is a winner… Read more →


Tables to Graphs

For anyone used to relational databases, the notion of a graph database may seem mystifying, inappropriate or just downright wrong. Nigel Small demonstrates how to begin the transition from a relational database philosophy into the graphic environment provided by Neo4j.  


The Connectedness of Relationships

Max De Marzi has a great post on relationships. When working with relational databases, the join tables are sometimes treated as second class citizens. If they are lucky, they’ll get some additional fields, but are often just placeholder tables connecting… Read more →


Neo4j Tutorials with Examples

A number of readers have asked about Neo4j Tutorials and examples. The good news is that there are tons of them out there. We have organized Neo4j Tutorials all around the world. This full day of hands-on graph learning includes… Read more →


New Analyst Report from Bloor Research

Philip Howard from Bloor Research has published his new post on Neo4j. He calls Neo4j “…the leading and most well-known commercial vendor in the graph database market.” If you haven’t heard of Bloor, it’s one of the leading analyst firms in… Read more →


The graph database market share leader?

Luca Garulli has published a post on the graph database market share. No one publishes revenue numbers, so he is relying on some second-order statistics. His conclusion: Neo4J is, without any doubts, the GraphDB market leader Read the full article.


Bloor Research: What's a graph? The next big thing!

Philip Howard of Bloor Research has published a great post on why graphs and graph databases may be “the next big thing.” The answer: Graph Databases provide a more focused approach for addressing issues with regard to relationships than either Hadoop… Read more →


High School Students win First Place in National Competition with Neo4j Graph Database

BIG Congratulations to Paul Georg Wagner and Till Speicher, two German high school students  who won first place in the Jugend Forscht Hessen competition for their Typology application based on Neo4j.  Typology  uses Neo4j to search 80GB Google ngrams making word predictions for faster… Read more →

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