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Google+ Teaches Open Graph A Few New Tricks

Google+ History has an edge up on Facebook’s Open Graph.  On Facebook, apps and services that are integrated via the Open Graph API will indiscriminately post to your personal page.  Using Google+ History API, all activity will also be collected… Read more →


PureConcerts launches social site for concertgoers powered by Open Graph, Neo4j and MongoDB

Concertgoers get front row access to shows with PureConcerts. This new social site will automatically search for concert dates and locations of the user’s favorite artists.  Users can share concerts and connect with friends that love the same artists. Read… Read more →


Sandia Labs Details Update to Graph500 Benchmark

HPC in the Cloud ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., June 25 — Supercomputing performance is getting a new measurement with the Graph500 executive committee’s announcement of specifications for a more representative way to rate the large-scale data analytics at the heart of high-performance… Read more →


Facebook adds 'Like' to the Open Graph

Facebook recently announced the ability to add the ‘Like’ functionality to mobile applications developed with the Open Graph. Now, mobile users can ‘Like’ more than a Facebook fan page, they can like an Instagram photo or song they listened to… Read more →


Facebook's Open Graph for Shopaholics and Fashionistas

Online fashion and shopping sites are seeing an increase in new users due to Facebook’s Open Graph. By building mobile and web applications with Open Graph, these companies are increasing traffic, acquiring new customers, and building memberships. The Open Graph… Read more →


Gartner selects Neo for the Who's Who in NOSQL

Gartner has published a new report on Who’s Who in NOSQL DBMSs. Neo Technology is 1 of the 9 NOSQL leaders mentioned. Neo4j is an open­ source graph database optimized for real­time storage and processing of complex, connected data. Key uses… Read more →


Neo Technology to Present at QCon New York 2012

Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced that Chief Architect Jim Webber and community member Peter Bell will deliver multiple talks at QCon New York 2012, the international software development conference, taking place June 18-22… Read more →


GraphConnect 2012: Exploring Innovation with Connected Data

First GraphConnect conference announced for November 5-6, 2012 in San Francisco Researchers worldwide are finding new ways to make sense of connected data Neo Technology demonstrates momentum with thriving ecosystem of global partners and growing Neo4j community GraphConnect 2012 is… Read more →


Graphity: Retrieving the Top 10K News Feeds per second with Neo4j

René Pickhardt, Webscience PhD student, University of  Koblenz,  presented at FOSDEM 2012 Graphity, a system which dynamically retrieve more than 10,000 temporal ordered news feeds per second in social networks with millions of users like Facebook and Twitter by using graph data… Read more →


How Google and Microsoft taught search to "understand" the Web

Sean Gallagher, Ars Technica’s IT Editor, reveals the architecture of Google Knowledge Graph and Microsoft’s Satori Graph, which are both creating a ‘new world’ search – “a knowledge-driven approach to search”. Google’s Knowledge Graph derives from Freebase, a proprietary graph… Read more →


Not Only SQL, Not Only Hadoop

Manuel Sevilla, the Chief Technical Officer for the Global BIM TLI of Capgemini, writes that Big Data is not only Hadoop. NoSQL doesn’t mean No SQL, but Not only SQL! And the SQL word represents the relational databases, not the… Read more →


NoSQL is the NewDB as RDBMS sails into the sunset

Andrew C. Oliver explores the end of the RDBMS era with the transition into NoSQL which he calls the “NewDB”. A decline for Oracle over the next 15 years is inevitable. It will be impossible to sustain the RDBMS-only paradigm… Read more →


YarcData announces $100K Big Data Graph Analytics Challenge

YarcData is holding the contest to showcase the increasing applicability and adoption of graph analytics in solving Big Data problems. The contest is also intended to promote the use and development of RDF and SPARQL (both standards developed by the… Read more →


Stay tuned for Assimilation Monitoring Project

Alan Robertson, ‘long-time geek and founder of Linux-HA project with interests in managing computers’, is taking systems management to a new depth with using very low overhead. With Continuous Stealth DiscoveryTM, Robertson is building a comprehensive monitoring of systems and… Read more →


CMS Implementation based on Neo4j

Axel Morgner, developer and project manager, introduces structr, open source CMS based on the ‘fantastic Neo4j’. Learn more about structr.


Bloor Research: Objectivity and InfiniteGraph

Philip Howard, Research Director, Bloor Research, gives insight into the evolution of Objectivity/DB, an object database, and its foundation in InfiniteGraph, adding graph database functionality such as supporting triple store. Read the full article.


Knowledge Graph is Boosting Google Searches

Amit Singhal, a top Google search executive, has seen an increase in search activity due to the new Knowledge Graph.  In an interview with WSJ, Singhal stated, ““Early indications are that people are interacting with it more, learning about more… Read more →


Spain's Era7 Bioinformatics – based on Bio4j – to Set Up Shop in Boston

Era7 Bioinformatics is a Bioinformatics company specialized in sequence analysis, knowledge management and sequencing data interpretation. Read the full article  (requires registration) Bio4j is a bioinformatics graph based DB (Neo4j). Learn more about Bio4j

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