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is Linked Data the future of data integration in the enterprise?

NXP is overcoming the challenges of disparate data and content by exploring the power of graph databases. At NXP, similar to many other large organizations, we have what you might call a ‘brownfield’ information landscape. Data and content is scattered… Read more →


Facebook's Social Graph, Neo4j show rising use of graph databases

Summary: Facebook’s Social Graph — the database underlying its Graph Search engine unveiled yesterday– is just one of many graph databases being employed for complex, connected data. Neo4j is another leading graph database that is open source and used by… Read more →


on naming Graph Search – "the Graph is a Big Thing" says Zuckerberg

Wired magazine gives the inside story to Facebook’s Graph Search and some of its challenges. One critical challenge was naming the new product. In the weeks leading up to the launch, Facebook executives were still trying to come up with… Read more →


Graph Database for the MSSQL Soul covers the buzz of NoSQL highlighting Graph Databases and Map/Reduce solutions that support big data and high scaling applications. There are multiple types of NoSQL databases but they mainly fall into two camps; Key/Value stores and Graph databases. This… Read more →


Facebook Announces Its Third Pillar "Graph Search"

Techcrunch covers the lastest product from Facebook called Graph Search. Zuckerberg explained the difference between web search and graph search. “Web search is designed to take any open ended query and give you links that might have answers. Graph search… Read more →


Open Source Wins Big for InfoWorld’s 2013 Technology of the Year Awards

InfoWorld’s Technology 2013 awards recognized more open source companies this year. Open source wins big Each succeeding year, the Technology of the year Awards looks a little more like the InfoWorld Best of Open Source Software Awards. …the graphical database… Read more →


Moviepilot vergibt die Hauptrolle an Neo4j Enterprise

Führende Graphendatenbank dient als technologisches Herzstück für größte Online-Filmcommunity Deutschland München, 14. Januar 2013 – Moviepilot, der Anbieter der größten Online-Filmcommunity Deutschlands, setzt bei seinem Film-Empfehlungssystem auf die weltweit führende Graphendatenbank Neo4j von Neo Technology. Auf Basis von mehr als… Read more →


NoSQL für Moviepilot

Die NoSQL-Datenbank Neo4J hat die Hauptrolle in Moviepilots Datenbank gewonnen. Die “größte Online-Filmcommunity Deutschlands” wird in Zukunft ihre Daten in der Graphdatenbank speichern. Agil und schnell, dabei aber nicht zuletzt dank ihrer Graphennatur sehr ressourcenschonden soll Neo4J sein. Die Open-Source-Datenbank… Read more →


Upcoming Neo4j Events Jan 14 – 17, 2013

Mon, 14 Jan 2013 Washington, D.C. Meetup: Neo4j World Wide Tour w/ Peter Neubauer – 2nd Stop! Location: NIC Labs, 1881 Campus Commons Drive Suite 203, Reston, VA We have a place and a time! Thanks to Gray and Near… Read more →


Ubuntu Visualized in a Graph

Tech-foo takes on a small challenge to build a graph of all Ubuntu Packages and display it in a graph visualization. Read the full article.


Neo4j and Graph Databases Explained With Belgian Beer

Rik Van Bruggen, a non-developer (in sales!) at Neo Technology, explains Neo4j and using Belgian Beer to explore Belgian beer. Neo4j explained with Belgian beer from Neo Technology on Vimeo.


A Graph Visualization of Neo4j's Code Base during 2012

Neo4j’s code base is put to the graph in a visualization using gource and ffmpeg.


Neo4j Graph Database Wins InfoWorld’s 2013 Technology of the Year Award

Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced that it is a winner of the prestigious IDG’s InfoWorld 2013 Technology of the Year Award. The award recognizes the best and most innovative products in the hardware and software categories that matter to businesses and IT professionals.


Traverse the Graph with Neo4j in Amsterdam and Brussels

Neo Technology is excited to announce a flurry of meetups and talks in both Amsterdam and Brussels. First up is a meetup in Amsterdam on Thursday, January 31 at 18:00 CET. Peter Neubauer, VP of Community, and Michael Hunger, Head… Read more →


Explorez les bases de données de graphique avec Linkurious

Linkurious est un nouvel outil qui permet d’explorer et de visualiser des bases de données graphes. Recommandation, réseau social et gestion de contenu : Amazon, Linkedin ou Adobe font partie des entreprises qui utilisent les bases de données graphes pour… Read more →


Neo4j is Winner of InfoWorld’s 2013 Technology of the Year Award

InfoWorld Test Center picks the best hardware, software, development tools, and cloud services of the year with Neo4j amongst the winners. “Many years ago we called these our ‘Product of the Year Awards.’ But ‘product’ just isn’t the right word,”… Read more →


Neo4j Tutorials Going Global

Neo4j Tutorials are Everywhere! Sign-up Now to Learn Neo4j Get hands-on training, learn about real world applications and use cases, and jump-start your Neo4j project. Upcoming this February February 13: Neo4j Tutorial – Silicon Valley February 19: Neo4j Tutorial –… Read more →


Neo4j and Graph Databases: 2012 Year in Review

by Philip Rathle, Senior Director of Products, Neo Technology. Reposted from Happy 2013! It looks like another great year is in the forecast for graphs. This is the first of two blog posts, looking back at what has happened… Read more →


Neo is Reconnecting Business with Graph Databases

Xconomy takes a close look at evolution of databases with Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology and why businesses should be exploiting connected data. It’s pretty clear that the biggest winners in Silicon Valley in the past decade have been… Read more →

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