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'Facebook for Species' – Connecting millions of data points in a graph database

The Open Tree of Life database is not just a list with about two million species. Information is added about their special characteristics and possible relationships with others as well. “It may become tens or hundreds of million pieces of… Read more →


Here Comes the Graph DBMS: Way Fast, No Schemas

2013 appears to be shaping up as the year of the graph database. And no, this is not simply because Facebook has so loudly trumpeted a public service based on its own social graph. No, the main reason for this… Read more →


Cambridge Intelligence moves to Reno, NV for Big Data and Graph Databases

A wave of deals in the cyber security and defence segments has triggered US expansion for fledgling UK technology business, Cambridge Intelligence (CI). …[CI] makes innovative visualisation software that lets organisations see the networks in their data. Its analytics software,… Read more →


Graph Visualization of the Oscar Contenders

The New York Times graphs this year’s Oscar Contenders, revealing the many connections between actors, directors, and producers. click for interactive graph See the full article.


Neo4j: A Developer’s Perspective

Open Software Integrators (OSI) provides a developer’s introduction to graph databases and using Neo4j. In the age of NoSQL databases, where a new database seems to pop up every week, it is not surprising that even a larger number of… Read more →


Model Matters: Graphs, Neo4j and the Future

OpenCredo, consulting partner in the Neo4j Partner Graph, discusses their experiences with using graph databases, Neo4j, and the potential of graph-based applications. As part of our work, we often help our customers choose the right datastore for a project. There… Read more →


Strata Conference will feature Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology

The CEO of Neo Technology, Emil Eifrem, will be on hand [at Strata Conference 2013] to talk with attendees about Neo4j, his company’s NoSQL graph database. He’ll also discuss some of strides that graph technology vendors and users have made… Read more →


Interview mit der US Infoworld: Emil Eifrem

Das 2007 gegründete Unternehmen Neo Technology bietet mit Neo4J eine Java-basierte, quelloffene NoSQL-Graphdatenbank. Mithilfe einer Graphdatenbank lassen sich die Beziehungen zwischen den Daten untersuchen. Neo4j kann zur Lösung von Problemen beitragen, die eine wiederholte Netzwerkanalyse erforderlich machen und zeichnet sich… Read more →


Warum der wichtigste Teil von Facebook Graph Search das Wörtchen „Graph“ ist

Von Emil Eifrem und Philip Rathle Sie haben es sicher schon gehört: Facebook hat eine neue Suchfunktion angekündigt, Graph Search. Graphenorientierte Technologien sind seit Jahren auf dem Vormarsch, und gerade Graphdatenbanken haben in letzter Zeit für einigen Wirbel gesorgt. Wir… Read more →


NoSQL – Neo4j, Shell, Installation, Dateneingabe und Queries mit Neo4j

Der erste Artikel in der Reihe über NoSQL hat sich sehr allgemein mit dem Thema auseinandergesetzt. Dieser zweite Teil wird die Thematik etwas genauer beleuchten und anhand der Graphdatenbank “Neo4j” vertiefen. Neo4j definiert sich, aus dem englischen übersetzt wie folgt: Neo4j ist… Read more →


Internet Graph: Any Two Web Pages are Connected by 19 Clicks or Less

In recently published article in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Hungarian physicist Albert-László Barabási discovered that any two pages on the internet are connected by 19 clicks or less. [Barabási] discovered that of the roughly 1 trillion web documents… Read more →


Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund mit splink setzt auf Neo Technology für Ausdauer und Performance

splink: das Deutsche Sport-Sharing-Netzwerk setzt auf Neo Technology für Ausdauer und Performance Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund schafft mit splink das Mitmachnetz für Sportler in Deutschland München, 19. Februar 2013 – Neo Technology, Entwickler der weltweit führenden Graphendatenbank Neo4j, arbeitet mit der… Read more →


Big Data Database for 2013 is MPP and Graph Databases

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) reports on the 2013 momentum of MPP/analytics and graph databases with real-time processing and complex analytics. Despite Oracle’s attempt to push SPARC, all the other big data analytics databases were either designed to take advantage of… Read more →


Cambridge Intelligence announces partnership with Neo Technology Inc.

Partnership to bring KeyLines visualization to Neo’s Neo4j graph database Cambridge Intelligence, creators of KeyLines, the network visualization and analysis technology, today announced a new partnership with Neo Technology, Inc., providers of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. Under the… Read more →


Cops, Robbers, Traveling Salesmen… and Graph Theory

At Ryerson University in Toronto, mathematical researchers are exploiting the graph, taking graph theory in real world applications to explore networks of data. What do cops, robbers, and travelling salesmen have in common? They belong to the language of graph… Read more →


NOSQL: Taking Advantage of the Big Data Database Technology

Graph Databases such as Neo4j are discussed in the new book: Taking Advantage of the Big Data database technology) basic knowledge of NOSQL NOSQLの基礎知識 (ビッグデータを活かすデータベース技術) [単行本(ソフトカバー)] Neo4j fast processing graphs Neo4j is a graph type of NoSQL database developed by… Read more →


Peter Neubauer on Linked Data Benchmark Council LDBC

Peter Neubauer, Vice President of Neo4j Community, spoke at the Graph Processing workshop during Fosdem 2013. My colleague and friend at Neo Technology, Alex Averbuch, is working with LDBC, a EU project aiming at investigating viable benchmarking infrastructure, data generators… Read more →


Not RDBMS, but Graph Databases are interested in Relationships

Ola Bini is Java and Rubyexpert and consultant at ThoughtWorks Studios. As part of the trend around NoSQL databases, it has become a lot of talk about graph databases and differences with relational databases. There have been a number of… Read more →


Czech Rideshare Jízdomat Makes Carpooling A Click Away with Graph Database Neo4j

Powered by Neo4j, Jízdomat, an online rideshare service, enables 45,000 Czech carpoolers to find and connect to their rides faster. Neo4j is an open-source graph database that stores easily connected data and performs calculations on them. It is suitable for… Read more →

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