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Neo Technology Wins TiE50 2012 Award

Leading Graph Database Company Edges Out Over 2000 Entrants and 130 Finalists Worldwide to Earn Further Validation With Prestigious Award in Software Category Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced that it is a winner… Read more →


Tables to Graphs

For anyone used to relational databases, the notion of a graph database may seem mystifying, inappropriate or just downright wrong. Nigel Small demonstrates how to begin the transition from a relational database philosophy into the graphic environment provided by Neo4j.  


The Connectedness of Relationships

Max De Marzi has a great post on relationships. When working with relational databases, the join tables are sometimes treated as second class citizens. If they are lucky, they’ll get some additional fields, but are often just placeholder tables connecting… Read more →


Neo4j Tutorials with Examples

A number of readers have asked about Neo4j Tutorials and examples. The good news is that there are tons of them out there. We have organized Neo4j Tutorials all around the world. This full day of hands-on graph learning includes… Read more →


New Analyst Report from Bloor Research

Philip Howard from Bloor Research has published his new post on Neo4j. He calls Neo4j “…the leading and most well-known commercial vendor in the graph database market.” If you haven’t heard of Bloor, it’s one of the leading analyst firms in… Read more →


The graph database market share leader?

Luca Garulli has published a post on the graph database market share. No one publishes revenue numbers, so he is relying on some second-order statistics. His conclusion: Neo4J is, without any doubts, the GraphDB market leader Read the full article.


Bloor Research: What's a graph? The next big thing!

Philip Howard of Bloor Research has published a great post on why graphs and graph databases may be “the next big thing.” The answer: Graph Databases provide a more focused approach for addressing issues with regard to relationships than either Hadoop… Read more →


High School Students win First Place in National Competition with Neo4j Graph Database

BIG Congratulations to Paul Georg Wagner and Till Speicher, two German high school students  who won first place in the Jugend Forscht Hessen competition for their Typology application based on Neo4j.  Typology  uses Neo4j to search 80GB Google ngrams making word predictions for faster… Read more →


Neo4j 1.7 GA "Bastuträsk Bänk" released with Enterprise Turbo Package

Neo4j 1.7 GA, codenamed “Bastuträsk Bänk” is now generally available. The many improvements ushered in through milestones have been properly QA’d and documented, making 1.7 the preferred stable version for all production deployments. Welcome to the Enterprise Turbo package Johan.… Read more →


World’s Largest Telcos Adopt Graph Databases To Solve Connected Data Issues

Telenor Group, Cisco, M800 and Deutsche Telekom Experience Significant Gains with Neo4j Neo Technology today announced strong traction in the telecommunication (Telco) industry with several new customer wins including Cisco, M800, Deutsche Telekom and Telenor Group. These customer endorsements show… Read more →


Ebook – Good Relationships: The Spring Data Neo4j Guide Book (InfoQ)

With Spring Data, the ever popular Spring Framework has cultivated a new patch of ground, bringing Big Data and NOSQL technology like Neo4j to enterprise developers. This guide introduces you to Spring Data Neo4j, using the fast, powerful and scalable… Read more →


Breaking into the NoSQL Conversation

Wikipedia’s NoSQL page does mentions RDF Database as a category, but only lists a single RDF store! AllegroGraph and Virtuoso are also mentioned under the Graph database section, but none of the others.  In the upcoming book from Pragmatic Publishers, Seven Databases in Seven Weeks, a… Read more →


Now it’s VMware’s turn: Meet Spring Hadoop (GIGAOM)

Spring Hadoop is also open source, available under the Apache 2.0 license. More information on programming Hadoop jobs using Spring is available on the SpringSource blog. This isn’t the first time VMware has given Spring developers access to new types of… Read more →


Catch the buzz: Hadoop Hive is top of the Big Data charts (CloudPro)

A new index from Jaspersoft lets us know who are the big cheeses when it comes to Big Data It’s a Top 20 with the difference – it’s not the latest pop tunes but the leading Big Data downloads. And… Read more →


Using Gremlin and Transaction to Solve the Problem of Maximum Flow (DZone)

The maximum flow problem was formulated by T.E. Harris as follows: Consider a rail network connecting two cities by way of a number of intermediate cities, where each link of the network has a number assigned to it representing its… Read more →


Beyond Hadoop: Understanding Big Data Options (IT Business Edge)

Well … you’re probably right to be suspicious and investigate, but the fact is, a lot of these solutions have been in the works for a while; also, some old approaches — enterprise search, for example — can be applied… Read more →


Big Data Tools and Vendors (ITworld)

While big data systems offer flexibilities of scale at far more affordable prices then ever before, long-time data experts are also quick to point out that these newfangled big data systems are making use of techniques and processes that were… Read more →

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