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Information Age  

eBay ShopBot Taking Retail Recommendations Up a Level

Original article published in Information Age Imagine it as, ‘You bought this item today and this last week; you’ve also looked at all these items, but today you are looking at these – so how about this?’ level of assistance.… Learn More →

Silicon Angle  

From Comcast to Amazon, Graph Databases are Hot

Excerpt from “Graph databases are hot, but can they break relational’s grip” published in Silicon Angle by Paul Gillin Comcast Corp. is working on ways to better understand its customers’ families. The company plans to roll out features that enable… Learn More →

Discover how Neo4j graph technology has helped power the Paradise Papers investigation by the ICIJ  

ICIJ uses Neo4j’s Native Graph Platform to Unlock Explosive 13 Million Files Paradise Papers Leak

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 14, 2017 — Today Neo4j, the market leader in connected data, announced that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) relied on Neo4j’s Native Graph Platform to analyze and understand the Paradise Papers, a massive collection of more than 13… Learn More →


Meet The Skeleton Crew Of Data Experts Behind The Paradise Papers Leak

Fast Company discusses how The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), with only a handful of developers, was able to digitally process massive leaks like the Paradise Papers. Essentially every story the ICIJ tells with its leaked documents includes an… Learn More →


How a nerdy Swedish database startup with $80m in funding cracked the Paradise Papers

Business Insider published an article detailing how Neo4j, graph database, help journalists crack the Paradise Papers. In the past, Neo4j has played a crucial role in three major journalistic investigations that involved querying huge amounts of data: the Swiss Leaks… Learn More →

Learn all the details about GraphConnect moving to New York City, including a sneak peek of events  

GraphConnect NY 2017 highlights

GraphConnect NY 2017 was the largest graph database conference to date with over 1200+ attendees representing the Neo4j community, partners, graph database experts, customers, sponsors, and more. Read some of the highlights: “ You might not know it, but you… Learn More →

Learn why the company behind the Neo4j graph database is changing its name to Neo4j, Inc.  

Web Summit Uses Neo4j For Innovative Conference Support

World-leading tech conference organiser Web Summit is using graph technology software from Neo4j, the #1 platform for connected data, to improve attendee experience across all its international conferences. Web Summit’s conferences are supported by a powerful and scalable app, designed… Learn More →


Connectedness is king, as Neo4j graph database ports to Spark

TechTarget published the conversation among Jack Vaughan, Senior News Writer at TechTarget, Philip Rathle, vice president of products at Neo4j, Brant Boehmann, senior software engineer at Scripps Networks Interactive, Chris Goodacre, software development manager at Scripps Networks Interactive, and Forrester… Learn More →

Learn why the company behind the Neo4j graph database is changing its name to Neo4j, Inc.  

Neo4j Donates Cypher for Apache Spark to openCypher project

Open Source Contribution Makes ‘SQL for Graphs’ Available on Apache Spark New contribution to the openCypher project expands Hadoop ecosystem with graph analytic capabilities for Spark, making Cypher available to the popular in-memory analytic engine NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — GraphConnect  – Neo4j,… Learn More →


Internet of Things And Data: A Powerful Connection

Compare The Cloud looks at why graph databases have enormous application to Internet of Things (IoT). Smart homes will need to run a large number of sensors, networks, devices, cameras, power grids and smart water and thermostats to work, for… Learn More →


Graphs will take applied AI to the next level

The Computer Weekly discusses how graph databases can help Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the next level, authored by Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j. Knowledge Graphs powered by graph databases are now one of the central pillars of the future of… Learn More →


Neo4j Announces Impressive Agenda for GraphConnect New York

Neo4j, the market leader in connected data, today announced the agenda for its annual GraphConnect conference, to be held at Pier 36 in New York City on October 24 with training sessions scheduled for October 23. Making its second appearance… Learn More →


Graph Technology is Staking a Claim in Enterprise Roadmaps

Credit Control explains why consolidation and market transformation in the data world is inescapable, authored by Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j. As the SQL monolith splinters, we are ending up with increasingly more data handling options for CEOs. Innovation is… Learn More →


How Graph Databases Help Smart Homes Become Connected Homes

The datanami discusses how graph databases help smart homes become connected homes, authored by Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j. Telia Zone, a digital ecosystem and platform for broadband connections, provides the infrastructure for Telia partners to develop innovative services and… Learn More →


Neo4j Offers Graph Solution for GDPR Compliance

Neo4j, the #1 platform for connected data, today announced a graph solution to help companies navigate the new regulations in advance of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Using Neo4j, organizations doing business in the EU or that process… Learn More →


Connections can transform how financial firms look at data

The C Suite shares how financial firms can use the power of connected data, authored by Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. The financial services industry is facing a number of diverse challenges head on –… Learn More →


Learning To Think In Graphs: A Task For Every Business

Forbes discusses how business should think in graphs. The path to follow in understanding graphs is to think about data connections, the relationships among people and their data and naturally occurring networks like ecosystems, grids, or brain activity. All of… Learn More →


Graph Database Technology – The Power To Probe Complex Pharma Datasets

Pharmiweb discusses how graph databases can help probe complex pharma datasets, authored by Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo4j. The article gives examples of Medical and pharma use cases to spotlight graphs’ capabilities. Graph technology, thanks to its in-built capabilities to… Learn More →


The Fallacy of Non-Native Graph Databases: Why Native is the Answer

TechSeen discusses native vs non-native graph databases bylined by Jim Webber, Chief Scientist of Neo4j. As the graph database industry grows in popularity, more organizations are recognizing the value of connected data and are investigating new ways to become a… Learn More →


How do we get a better picture of the IoT?

IOT Now shares how telco Telia is using Neo4j’s graph database to help it recognise the important patterns as they emerge, from an IoT perspective in the home. An excerpt: The graph database Neo4J acts as a conduit, protecting the… Learn More →

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