Neo4j enables AWS customers to build effective, optimized graph-based applications that capture and store the complex, diverse and disparate data of the organization, and turns it into a source of real-time insights. Deployed by enterprises around the globe, Neo4j’s native graph platform brings data together in a way that eliminates the need of additional data processing, and significantly reduces the resource requirements within your AWS environment. From customer experience and logistics to compliance and knowledge management, Neo4j fuels the critical intelligence for real-time decisions.

Neo4j is an Advanced Technology partner of Amazon, offering a BYOL image for easy deployment on AWS. Neo4j on AWS includes all the features that have made us the leader in Graph Database technology while allowing you to benefit of automating time-consuming administration tasks such as hardware provisioning, software patching, upgrades, and backups. AWS fits into Neo4j’s overall technology partner strategy which involves broadening the use of graphs to all computing platforms.

aws and neo4j

Neo4j has scalable pricing that meets the budgets from SMB’s to the Enterprise. For specific sizing and pricing information, you can use the AWS calculator here.

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