Release Date: 1 January 1970

Aura May 2024 (Neo4j 5.20) 


The following core Neo4j features are now available for users in Aura.
  • Anonymous usage data reporting: Neo4j sends a small amount of anonymous usage data back to Neo4j. This helps us understand how our products are used and improve them. The reporting can be disabled with the configuration setting dbms.usage_report.enabled=false. For a full description of the reported data, please refer to the Anonymous usage data report documentation page.

Language and Graph Model

  • Add a new deprecatedBy column to SHOW PROCEDURES and SHOW FUNCTION to show if a procedure/function has a replacement when it has been deprecated.
  • It is now possible to reference variables from within a Quantified Path Pattern (QPP) that are not defined directly inside the QPP.   For example:
MATCH ((a)--(b) WHERE a.h >x.h)*(s)-->(u)

To use  x as a predicate, it is no longer necessary for it to have been previously defined; so this query can now be rewritten as:

MATCH (x)-->(y)((a)-[e]->(b) WHERE a.h > x.h)*

  • To further comply with the GQL specification, we have extended the existing trim(), ltrim() and rtrim() functions to optionally allow the specification of which characters to trim, as well as the addition of a btrim() function which trims both ends of a string.   For example, RETURN BTRIM(‘xyzzyNeo4jzyx’, ‘xyz’) returns ‘Neo4j’.  For details, please refer to the String function – Cypher manual.
  • This release deprecates property references that depend on the order of evaluation within a MERGE clause, for example: 
MERGE (a {prop:'p'})-[:T]->(b {prop:a.prop})

The following is still allowed: 

MATCH (a {prop:'p'})
MERGE (b {prop:a.prop}).