Release Date: 23 January 2020

New features:

  • New expandable legend with ability to configure style of nodes AND relationships directly from the canvas
  • Advanced styling: a) choose from a full spectrum of colors, b) configure both color and size of nodes AND relationships, c) style nodes and relationships using powerful data-driven rules based on property values, value ranges, wildcard matches, and existence of labels or property keys
  • Selective expansion – expand only some neighbors of a node based on relationship type, category or a mix of both
  • Optional case insensitive matching for search suggestions (depends on full text index of the searched properties)
  • Parameters in search phrases can now have an explicit data type. Also added is the ability to parameterize suggestions for a secondary parameter using the user input for a primary parameter (requires cypher-based suggestions for the secondary parameter)
  • Export data for the visualized nodes and relationships in a comma-separated format

Notable Improvements and Bug fixes:

  • Instantly show suggestions for relevant search phrases
  • Fix performance on auto-generation of perspective when many categories
  • Switch to single transaction queue for all user actions
  • Show search suggestions for property keys when TAB is used to select a category first
  • Show appropriate message when auth is disabled on database