Release Date: 30 September 2020

New features

  • Proactive search suggestions: Help you create your search pattern by proactively suggesting linked elements from your graph schema
  • Hierarchical graph layout: A new layout mode where nodes are laid out in a tree fashion that works great for hierarchical or sequential data
  • Refresh perspective: An explicit option to refresh the Bloom perspective definition using the latest set of labels, relationship types and properties in the database
  • Improved handling of slow connections

Notable improvements and fixes

  • Improved appearance of search suggestions including showing the selected pattern in the search box
  • Slight behavior change to require that you hit Enter to run a suggestion
  • Changed node scaling to use area of the node instead of the radius as in prior versions (nodes set to 2x will now be twice in area as compared to nodes set to 1x)
  • Fixed a couple of cases where deep links to Bloom did not pick up the correct perspective
  • Some performance improvement to optimize queries run against the database
Note: make sure to update to the same version of the Bloom server plugin, if applicable.