Release Date: 5 January 2021

New features

  • A mini map makes it easier to find where you are in the scene when exploring a large graph result.
  • Choice of sampling data when generating or refreshing the perspective for graph databases with millions of nodes and relationships.
  • A new style rule allows categorical coloring of nodes by automatically assigning a distinct color for each distinct property value (e.g. to show communities)

Improvements and fixes

  • Node and relationship property lists are now only fetched when generating or refreshing the perspective. This means the perspective will need to be refreshed manually when adding, removing or updating property keys, but will vastly reduce the Bloom startup time and load on the database for large graphs.
  • No longer fetching data for search phrase searches in chunks using SKIP and LIMIT, since this was not compatible with all ways in which a Cypher query could be written.
  • Show more of the caption text on nodes when zoomed in.
  • When creating a range based style rule, auto-fill the min and max property values from nodes on the scene.
  • Fix for case when similar named properties don’t show up in suggestions when applying the Category Propertykey Value type of search pattern.
  • Stop sharing perspectives automatically with the PUBLIC role when working with Neo4j version 4.1 or later
  • Escape special characters in search phrases