Release Date: 28 April 2020

New features

  • Filtering data: Filter out categories or relationship types or apply filters based on property values. Makes it easy for the user to focus the search results, apply different filters on the results or dismiss unwanted data.
  • New “between” condition for style rules based on numeric data
  • New setting to control the session timeout duration when user is inactive

Improvements and fixes

  • Improved query performance in Neo4j 4.0+ by switching to the reactive driver functionality of Neo4j 4.x
  • Optimizations across the board to queries used when generating suggestions, giving you search suggestions much quicker particularly over slow network connections
  • Better handling of virtual nodes and relationships. The legend now shows relationship elements in the scene in an Other category when they don’t belong to the available relationship types, similar to how Other node elements in the scene get categorized.
  • Reduced initial loading time
  • Made Bloom load search results into the scene faster
  • Updated to new Neo4j company branding
  • Fixed an issue where search phrases with the same root did not appear in suggestions
  • Fixed a bug where the Bloom app in Desktop did not handle deep links when the app was already open