Release Date: 27 January 2023

GDS 2.2.7 is compatible with Neo4j 5 & 4.4 versions (≥ 4.4.9) & 4.3 versions (≥ 4.3.15) Database.

For GDS compatibility with previous releases, please use GDS Compatibility Table.

New features

  • Added compatibility for Neo4j database 5.4.0.

Bug fixes

  • Missing id fields in the Arrow records for the CREATE_DATABASE action would throw a NullPointerException. It now throws a more descriptive exception instead.
  • Graphs with long node or relationship property names would fail during the restore process.
  • Yens algorithm would ignore edges in multigraphs and yield incorrect results.
  • Multi-threading bug when creating projections via Cypher Aggregation or Arrow could lead to lost labels.
  • Node label filtering could lead to streamed node properties being null when filters are applied.
  • Cypher projections and Cypher aggregation would throw the wrong error message when loading an invalid relationship.
  • ode label filtering that would lead to the wrong results. This also affected: gds.beta.graphSage and