Release Date: 26 July 2023
GDS 2.4.3 is compatible with Neo4j 5 & 4.4 versions (≥ 4.4.9). For GDS compatibility with previous releases, please use GDS Compatibility Table.


  • Added COSINE as an available similarityMetric for the gds.nodeSimilarity procedure
  • When exporting graphs to CSV or using backup and restore, a more diverse node label naming is now possible by using label mapping

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where array default values would not be serialized or deserialized to csv correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Speaker-Listener LabelPropagation and other Pregel procedures wouldn’t stream or mutate on graphs that are not persisted in a Neo4j database
  • Fixed a bug in graph restore on AuraDS, which was failing after shutdown when node label name contained special characters or underscores