Release Date: 26 January 2024
GDS 2.6.0 is compatible with Neo4j 5 (≥ 5.10) & 4.4 versions (≥ 4.4.27). For GDS compatibility with previous releases, please use GDS Compatibility Table.

Breaking changes

  • Some of the nested fields of the config returned by the new Cypher Projection were invalid for CP and have been removed.
  • Drop support for Neo4j DBMS v5.6..v5.10

New features

  • Weakly connected components can now be used to improve the speed of Node Similarity by comparing only nodes belonging to the same component. The feature can be enabled by either passing the component directly as a node property key (String) via the useComponents config parameter, or by setting the same config parameter to true, which will compute components internally using WCC as a pre-procesing step.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug where WCC fails on node filtered, inverse indexed graphs.
  • Fix a bug where non-write mode procedures would fail on composite databases.
  • Fix a bug where Random Walk could fail on weighted graphs.


  • Added degree() function to gds.graph.subgraph node predicates.
  • Cancel all arrow server threads on server shutdown. This results in the client being correctly notified of the server shutdown.

Other changes

  • Move GDS Arrow features out of alpha status, which most importantly includes:
    • Introduction of versioned GDS Arrow endpoints
    • Deprecation of the old GDS Arrow endpoints for removal in ~ 6 months
    • Refactoring, more testing and regression testing