Release Date: 28 June 2024
GDS 2.7.0 is compatible with Neo4j 5 (≥ 5.15). For GDS compatibility with previous releases, please use GDS Compatibility Table.

Breaking changes

  • Removed support for Neo4j DBMS v4.

New features

  • A new parameter targetNodes has been introduced to gds.shortestPath.dijkstra procedures that allows specifying multiple targets rather than a single target.
  • GDS Arrow to database import now also supports creating database with block storage engine. This requires at least Neo4j 5.18.
  • gds.graph.export now supports setting a database format using the dbFormat key. See for supported formats (block requires at lest Neo4j 5.18).
  • Added a dedicated Arrow export command to extract node labels from an in-memory graph.
  • Arrow graph export commands support exporting node identifiers mapped to a consecutive id space, i.e. [0..nodeCount).
  • Add support for DBMS V5.21.0

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the batch size configured in arrow stream messages would be ignored
  • Fixed a bug where graphs could be projected with empty name when using Cypher projections v2.


  • Writing relationships can now be done in parallel, the concurrency can be controlled by the writeConcurrency parameter.
  • Progress logging for Closeness centrality is more detailed.

Other changes

  • The record_format field in the GDS Arrow Create Database action is deprecated for removal, use db_format instead.