Docker, AI, and More: Catch a Glimpse of the Java Ecosystem with Oleg Šelajev (July 2024)

08 Jul, 2024

Our guest today is another fellow advocate, Oleg Šelajev. Oleg is a developer advocate at Docker working mainly on developer productivity, Testcontainers, and improving how we set up local development environments and tests. Show Notes: Speaker Resources: * Testcontainers * NODES 2024 Tools of the Month: * Neo4j Kubernetes documentation * ragas framework * (Neo4j GenAI Package + Announcements / News: * Neo4j GenAI Ecosystem Tools ** Neo4j Knowledge Graph Builder ** Neoconverse (text-to-cypher) ** LLM framework integrations: LlamaIndex, LangChain, Spring AI, Haystack, Langchain4j, Semantik Kernel, DSPy * Project Runway ** Repository Articles: *GenAI Ecosystem: *Why Vector Search Didn’t Work for Your RAG Solution? *GenAI App Building: * GenAI Starter Kit: Everything You Need to Build an Application with Spring AI in Java * Knowledge Graph vs. Vector RAG: Benchmarking, Optimization Levers, and a Financial Analysis Example * From Ancient Epic to Modern Marvel: Demystifying the Mahabharata Chatbot with GraphRAG (Part 3) * Unleashing the Power of NLP with LlamaIndex and Neo4j * Rags to Reqs: Making ASVS Accessible Through the Power of Graphs and Chatbots * Data Exploration With the Neo4j Runway Python Library * Easy Data Ingestion With Neo4j Runway and * A Tale of LLMs and Graphs: The GenAI Graph Gathering * Get Started With GraphRAG: Neo4j’s Ecosystem Tools * LLM Knowledge Graph Builder: From Zero to GraphRAG in Five Minutes * A Brief History of SQL and the Rise of Graph Queries * Customizing Property Graph Index in LlamaIndex * Graph Exploration By All MEANS With mongo2neo4j and SemSpect * Mix and Batch: A Technique for Fast, Parallel Relationship Loading in Neo4j Videos: * NODES 2023 playlist Events: * Full Neo4j event list:

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