Full Stack GraphQL Book Club – Chapter 4: The Neo4j GraphQL Library

07 Dec, 2022

Follow along as we cover the main points and work through the exercises of each chapter of the book Full Stack GraphQL Applications. In this session covering Chapter 4: The Neo4j GraphQL Library is a powerful tool for building GraphQL APIs without the boilerplate. In this livestream we take a look at creating a GraphQL server backed by a native graph database with minimal code. Will Lyon: https://twitter.com/lyonwj 0:00 Intro 8:20 Chapter 4 28:10 Raffle 34:00 Chapter 4 Exercises 1:04:10 Wrap Up Repo: https://github.com/johnymontana/fullstack-graphql-book All episodes: https://neo4j.com/video/fullstack-graphql-book-livestream/ GraphQL Library: https://neo4j.com/product/graphql-library/ GraphQL Manual: https://neo4j.com/docs/graphql-manual/current/ Aggregations: https://neo4j.com/docs/graphql-manual/current/queries/#queries-aggregate Neo4j Sandbox: https://dev.neo4j.com/try GraphQL Toolbox: https://graphql-toolbox.neo4j.io/ Neo4j GraphQL API Service Feedback Survey http://bit.ly/3txe6Nz #graphql #neo4j #graphdatabase #book

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