RAG Databases with Johannes Jolkkonen: When to Choose a Graph Database vs Alternatives

04 Mar, 2024

Welcome back, graph enthusiasts, to GraphStuff.fm, a podcast all about graphs and graph-related technologies! I’m your host, Jennifer Reif, and I am joined today by Alison Cossette….AND joining us is Johannes Jolkkonen. Johannes is an independent consultant, using his background in data engineering to help companies build their RAG-applications. He also creates tutorials on YouTube around RAG, Knowledge Graphs and LLMs. Show Notes: Speaker Resources: * Johannes Jolkkonen: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johannesjolkkonen/ * Johannes’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@johannesjolkkonen * Mar 12 Neo4j Live session: https://www.meetup.com/neo4j-online-meetup/events/299526466/ Tools of the Month: * PDF-bot chunker (GenAI stack): https://github.com/docker/genai-stack/blob/main/pdf_bot.py * Spring AI: https://spring.io/projects/spring-ai Instructor (library): https://jxnl.github.io/instructor/ Community Projects: * Knowledge Graph for Social Science https://youtube.com/live/wBHgTheV08Q Articles: * Langchain v0.1 – Updating GraphAcademy Neo4j & LLM Courses https://neo4j.com/developer-blog/langchain-graphacademy-llm-courses/ * A GenAI-Powered Song Finder in Four Lines of Code https://neo4j.com/developer-blog/genai-powered-song-finder/ * Object Mapping in the Neo4j Driver for .NET https://neo4j.com/developer-blog/object-mapping-neo4j-driver-net/ * Slow Cypher Statements and How to Fix Them https://neo4j.com/developer-blog/slow-cypher-statements-fix/ * Using LangChain in Combination with Neo4j to Process YouTube Playlists and Perform Q&A Flow https://medium.com/neo4j/using-langchain-in-combination-with-neo4j-to-process-youtube-playlists-and-perform-q-a-flow-5d245d51a735 * PyNeoInstance: A User-Friendly Python Library for Neo4j https://neo4j.com/developer-blog/pyneoinstance-python-library-neo4j/ Videos: * NODES 2023 playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Hl4pk2FsvUu4hzyhWed8Avu5nSUXYrb&si=8_0sYVRYz8CqqdIc Events: * Full Neo4j event list: https://neo4j.com/events/

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