Neo4j Aura Professional

Neo4j’s fully managed cloud service: The zero-admin, always-on graph database for cloud developers

Build Graph-Powered Applications Fast, with Zero Administration

Purpose-built to leverage relationships in data, Neo4j Aura graph database as a service enables lightning-fast queries for real-time insights in a secure, reliable and fully managed graph database. With Aura, you get to focus on what’s important: effortlessly building and running rich, graph-powered applications.

Put database management on autopilot

Deploy your cloud graph database in under 5 minutes. Upgrades, patches and tuning are automatic, with no downtime. Leave the database management and operations to us.

Build and innovate faster with the power of graphs

Native graph database architecture provides power and speed, matched with a flexible data model that keeps you agile. Cypher enables compact, elegant code for your most complex queries.

Scale on-demand with zero downtime

Scale your database up or down as desired with just a click – it all happens seamlessly in the background of the Neo4j DBaaS, without having to stop and restart the database.

Leading-edge reliability and data security

Aura is built on a highly available, self-healing infrastructure and secured with end-to-end data encryption. Backups are automatic, and transactions are guaranteed ACID.

Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing

With an easily understood pricing structure based on hourly billing, and rates starting as low as 9 cents an hour, costs are always predictable.

Technical Details

Cypher: The Easy, Powerful Graph Query Language

Cypher is the standard query language that's employed across the graph ecosystem. Writing and maintaining Cypher queries is straightforward, simplifying application maintenance. For comparison with SQL, here's a simple Cypher query matching all products in a category hierarchy:


Here's a similar query in SQL, which is longer and more complex. Unlike Cypher, where depth is unlimited, this SQL query selects just three levels of depth.


Connect with Your Favorite Programming Language

Neo4j officially supports drivers for .Net, Java, JavaScript, Go and Python. Community contributors provide many more, including PHP, Ruby, R, Erlang, Clojure, C/C++ and more.

Stay Agile with Neo4j’s Flexible Schema

Neo4j’s versatile property graph schema easily adapts over time. Add or remove node and relationship types (or their properties) on the fly as your data model changes, with optional schema constraints for flexibility.

Neo4j Bloom: Explore and Visualize Graph Data

Available in Aura, Neo4j Bloom is a breakthrough graph visualization, exploration and communication tool that reveals hidden connections for new insight into your data.


Pay only for what you need with capacity-based pricing that’s simple and easy to understand. With flat hourly rates by capacity, costs are predictable and transparent.

(30 days)
1GB 1 CPU 2GB $0.09/hour $64.80/month
2GB 1 CPU 4GB $0.18/hour $129.60/month
4GB 1 CPU 8GB $0.36/hour $259.20/month
8GB 2 CPU 16GB $0.72/hour $518.40/month
16GB 3 CPU 32GB $1.44/hour $1,036.80/month
24GB 5 CPU 48GB $2.16/hour $1,555.20/month
32GB 6 CPU 64GB $2.88/hour $2,073.60/month
48GB 10 CPU 96GB $4.32/hour $3,110.40/month
64GB 12 CPU 128GB $5.76/hour $4,147.20/month