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Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise

Neo4j’s fully managed, always-on graph database for global scale, mission-critical applications in the cloud.

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Zero Administration

Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise empowers you to rapidly deploy, build and expand large-scale, mission-critical graph applications in the cloud.

Without the burden of managing infrastructure, you can put your focus back on what’s really important – building intelligent, data-driven applications.

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Built for Developer Agility

Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise uses Cypher, the world’s most popular and powerful graph query language.

It also features a flexible schema-optional data model and built-in developer tools like Neo4j Bloom data explorer and Neo4j Browser query editor and results visualizer.

Enterprise-Grade Security & Compliance

Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise is designed to meet your stringent security, reliability, and compliance needs.

We take security seriously. Our experienced team of security practitioners works to ensure world-class security features and data protection against all threats – today and in the future.

  • End-to-End Encryption

  • VPC Isolation

  • Role-Based Access Control

  • ISO 27001 Certification

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Global Availability, Multi-Cloud Freedom

Available on AWS and Google Cloud in over 45 global cloud regions, you can deploy AuraDB Enterprise in close proximity with your application in the region of your choice.

Neo4j AuraDB’s architecture ensures you can migrate to or across clouds seamlessly, and operate everywhere with consistency and performance.

  • Neo4j Accelerates Digital Transformation To Streamline Go-To-Market Processes

    At Levi Strauss & Co., we have a passion for solving challenging business problems and increasing our agility across our operations. With Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise, we’re able to reduce application build time and take advantage of the power of self-service databases with none of the database management overhead.

    Debdulal Mahanty, Director, Digital Technologies at Levi Strauss & Co.

  • Graph Data Science Streamlines Complex Medical Supply Chain Analysis

    We’ve used Neo4j to track and analyze our manufacturing data for several years. The schema flexibility and analytical capabilities of Neo4j allow us to see relationships between manufacturing batches that simply would not be possible with other tools. Deploying this project on Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise will allow us to focus our efforts on optimizing our models and staying focused on quality control analytics, knowing that the management of our graph database is under control.

    Eric Wespi, Data Scientist at Boston Scientific

  • Knowledge Graph Solves A Complex Connected Data Challenge

    We recognized from the start that our business needed to solve a connected data problem – the management of complex interrelationships between artists, albums, sound recordings, labels, managers, and employees, making this partnership with Neo4j a perfect fit. With Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise, we’ve built a scalable, cloud-based knowledge graph to visualize, analyze and navigate the way our organization manages its various interconnected entities. Now, we can effectively manage our costs with transparent pricing, leaving us free to focus on our efforts on running our business, not running a graph database.

    Jacob Fowler, Chief Technology Officer at The Orchard

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