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Friends of Friends

Find all of Joe's second-degree friends


Joe knows Sally, and Sally knows Anna. Bob is excluded from the result because, in addition to being a 2nd-degree friend through Sally, he's also a first-degree friend.

 * To install Neo4j-PHP-Client, we use Composer
 * $ curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
 * $ php composer.phar require graphaware/neo4j-php-client

require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';

use GraphAware\Neo4j\Client\ClientBuilder;

// change to your hostname, port, username, password
$neo4j_url = "bolt://neo4j:password@localhost";

// setup connection
$client = ClientBuilder::create()
    ->addConnection('default', $neo4j_url)

// setup data
$insert_query = <<<EOQ
UNWIND {pairs} as pair
MERGE (p1:Person {name:pair[0]})
MERGE (p2:Person {name:pair[1]})
MERGE (p1)-[:KNOWS]-(p2);

// friend data to insert
$data = [["Jim","Mike"],["Jim","Billy"],["Anna","Jim"],

// insert data
$client->run($insert_query, ["pairs" => $data]);

// friend of friend: query
$foaf_query = <<<EOQ
MATCH (person:Person)-[:KNOWS]-(friend)-[:KNOWS]-(foaf)
WHERE person.name = {name}
  AND NOT (person)-[:KNOWS]-(foaf)
RETURN foaf.name AS name

// friend of friend: build and execute query
$params = ['name' => 'Joe'];
$result = $client->run($foaf_query, $params);

foreach ($result->records() as $record) {
  echo $record->get('name') . PHP_EOL;

// common friends: query
$common_friends_query = <<<EOQ
MATCH (user:Person)-[:KNOWS]-(friend)-[:KNOWS]-(foaf:Person)
WHERE user.name = {user} AND foaf.name = {foaf}
RETURN friend.name AS friend

// common friends: build and execute query
$params = ['user' => 'Joe', 'foaf' => 'Sally'];
$result = $client->run($common_friends_query, $params);

foreach ($result->records() as $record) {
  echo $record->get('friend') . PHP_EOL;

// connecting paths: query
$connecting_paths_query = <<<EOQ
MATCH path = shortestPath((p1:Person)-[:KNOWS*..6]-(p2:Person))
WHERE p1.name = {name1} AND p2.name = {name2}
RETURN [n IN nodes(path) | n.name] as names

// connecting paths: build and execute query
$params = ['name1' => 'Joe', 'name2' => 'Billy'];
$result = $client->run($connecting_paths_query, $params);

foreach ($result->records() as $record) {

Downloading and Installing PHP

  1. Install Composer from within web directory: $ curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
  2. Install Neo4j-PHP-Client from within web directory: $ php composer.phar require graphaware/neo4j-php-client
  3. Copy and paste code at left into php file and run

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