World's leading graph database, with native graph storage and processing.

Property graph model and Cypher query language makes it easy to understand.

Fast. Natural. Fun.

Test-Drive Neo4j with Cypher

Friends of Friends

Find all of Joe's second-degree friends


Joe knows Sally, and Sally knows Anna. Bob is excluded from the result because, in addition to being a 2nd-degree friend through Sally, he's also a first-degree friend.

Intro to Graph Databases

Training and Certification

Why Neo4j

Whiteboard Friendly

Model your connected data as it exists in the real-world — not as tables of columns and rows.

Global Community

Support for popular languages & frameworks. Learn Neo4j in different ways from our resources!

Native Graph Performance

Optimized graph storage and processing with the expressive Cypher query language.

What It's Made of

Flexible Schema


Clustering for Availability and Performance

Powerful Cypher Query Language

Neo4j Browser

Drivers for Popular Languages and Frameworks

Data Import


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