Learn through Neo4j GraphAcademy

The Neo4j GraphAcademy is the place for all of our interactive and guided training materials. From self-paced online training courses to in-person events with Neo4j experts, you can learn all of the core functionality that you need to become familiar with Neo4j!

There are a variety of opportunities to learn Neo4j in the way that works best for you. You can go straight to our GraphAcademy page to see everything we offer.

Neo4j Training

Whether you would like self-paced or guided types of learning, our training courses are a fantastic way to learn key concepts and practice hands-on exercises. We offer a few different kinds of training to best suit your needs and learning goals.

Whether you are new and want to see what graph is all about or experienced and want to dive deeper on a particular topic, the goal for our training is to help you learn it.

Online Meetups and Webinars

For those who are unable to travel or who want to learn more about the broader graph world, Neo4j also hosts online meetups and webinars. These events cover a variety of topics and include partner products, community projects, and technical solutions for users at all levels.

Instructor-led Training

Neo4j also provides both virtual and classroom training all over the world throughout the year. These courses are instructor-led and are designed for users to get maximum value by hearing the content from someone at Neo4j and interacting directly with the instructor for questions, help, and better understanding.

Companies can also request private, custom training events for internal staff to solve specific problems or understand concepts and architecture specific to their use case.

Neo4j Certified Professional

We also have a Neo4j Developer Certification that proves you know the foundations of the graph database and Cypher and is a great addition to your résume or CV.

The exam tests your knowledge of developer-focused concepts, including the graph model, Cypher, and more. It is free of charge and can be retaken.

To help you get prepared, you can check out the details on the certification page of GraphAcademy and read Jennifer’s blog post for study tips.

Upon passing the exam, you will receive a certificate and if you are a member of the Neo4j Community, a Neo4j Certified Professional Badge.