Cypher Shell

OS Distribution Latest
Linux debian cypher-shell_1.1.2-0.alpha01.1_all.deb
Linux rpm cypher-shell-1.1.2-0.alpha01.1.noarch.rpm
Windows, Mac Linux zip

Neo4j Drivers

Language Distribution Release Notes and Changelog Stable Beta
Java maven Neo4j Java Driver Wiki 1.4.4 n/a
Javascript npm Neo4j Javascript Driver Wiki 1.4.0 n/a
Python pypi Neo4j Python Driver Wiki 1.4.0 n/a
.net nuget Neo4j .NET Driver Wiki 1.4.1 1.5.0-beta01

Neo4j Add-Ons

  • Kerberos for Neo4j

    Extend Neo4j with Kerberos authentication. For use in conjunction with another provider such as LDAP for authorization.

  • Neo4j CAPI Flash Integration

    Configure Neo4j to use CAPI Flash as storage for its store files instead of the file system, available on IBM Power8.