Halin - Neo4j Monitoring Tool

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Halin is a cluster-enabled monitoring tool for Neo4j, that provides insights into live metrics, queries, configuration and more.

You can use it to identify bottlenecks or misconfigurations and to track system load interactively.

It’s not an automated monitoring solution with alerting and such.

Availability & Installation

Halin runs online in your browser at halin.graphapp.io and can connect to your local and remote databases.

The application can also be installed as a graph app from https://install.graphapp.io into Neo4j Desktop.

There are also Docker containers, and you can also clone and run the application locally.


Functionality Includes

  • Cluster overview

  • Per Machine Monitoring

  • Diagnostics Advisor

  • Configuration Listing

  • Active Queries

  • Metrics

  • Log file streaming

  • User Management


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