User Component


The User component provides a user interface for displaying user information and a dropdown menu for user actions such as 'Profile' and 'Logout'.


  • Ensure you have the @neo4j-ndl library installed in your project to use this User component.


To use the User component in your application, you can directly import and place it within your component tree:

import User from './path/to/User';

// In your component's render method or functional component return statement
<User />

Component Props

The User component does not accept any props.

Key components

State Management

  • anchorEl: Used to manage the anchor element for the dropdown menu. It determines the position of the dropdown.

  • open: A derived state from anchorEl to control the visibility of the dropdown menu.

Event Handling

  • handleClick: Sets the anchorEl state to the current event target, effectively opening the dropdown menu.

  • handleClose: Resets the anchorEl state to null, closing the dropdown menu.

  • menuSelect: Handles the selection of a menu item. It currently displays an alert with the selected item’s name and closes the menu.