Neo4j is commercial software. Proven in production since 2003, powering applications from global collaborative websites to in-house experiments, Neo4j is used in diverse environments. Neo Technology makes Neo4j available under a dual-license arrangement that is business friendly and open-source transparent: the Neo Technology Commercial License (NTCL), or the (A)GPL. There are 3 editions of Neo4j:
  • Neo4j Enterprise, which includes online backup, High Availability clustering, and advanced monitoring
  • Neo4j Advanced, with advanced monitoring
  • Neo4j Community, a high performance, fully ACID transactional graph database
Which license is right for you? That depends on how you’re using Neo4j…

You build closed-source, business-essential online applications

If you’re using Neo4j to build closed-source online applications that are central to your business, then you’ll want to talk to us about commercial licensing of Neo4j Advanced or Enterprise editions. These offer the monitoring, backup and high-availability features you’ll need to be successful – not to mention access to support from our top engineering team. If you don’t need any of the reliability features in the Advanced or Enterprise editions, then you’re free to use the Community edition of Neo4j Server under a GPL license – which means you can use it anywhere you would use something like MySQL. Used in this way, only changes you make to the Neo4j software itself should be open-sourced and shared with the community.

You want to embed Neo4j as an OEM component in your closed-source software

Neo4j is a great choice when you need to include a graph database service in your packaged software product.  We can make Neo4j available to use in these situations under our commercial OEM licensing – contact us for details.

You are testing or evaluating Neo4j

All editions of Neo4j are available for download and can be used under open source licenses – perfect for testing and evaluating Neo4j before you’ve released your code or made your new online service available to your customers.

You are developing Open Source Software

We love open source development: so you are free to use all Neo4j components for your open-source, public domain project under either the GPL (for Community edition) or the AGPL (for Advanced and Enterprise).  


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[…] are three versions of Neo4j apparently, called Community, Advanced, and Enterprise. Neo4j’s Licensing Guide says that Community is GPL3 (which I confirmed from the LICENSE file in the tarball) and the […]

Hi we want to embed Neo4j as an OEM component in our closed-source software which will be provided to clients.

How do we go about getting the commercial OEM license for Neo4j.

At the moment we don’t need any support or help with Neo4j.

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