Neo Technology Launches Graph Database Partner Program

NeoTechnology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today launched the Neo4j Partner Graph program. Neo’s portfolio of partners including Centrum Systems, Codecentric, OpenCredo, Readify, and Open Software Integrators, have a solid track record in delivering valuable solutions to their clients. With their innovation-focused mindset, they make strong additions to the Neo4j partner ecosystem. As data explodes in volume and complexity, many systems have difficulty handling sophisticated queries while achieving high performance results. Neo4j is the industry’s only NOSQL graph database designed to solve complex, connected data challenges. As a high performance graph database, Neo4j is transactional, durable, and scales to meet the demands of complex data. “Our partners are a key component to achieving our goal of driving massive adoption of graph databases. Neo4j’s unique approach to solving the complex, connected data challenges has been proven across thousands of installations, and with our network of partners we’re extending this experience to new markets and opportunities,” said Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology. Partnership Types
  • Consulting partners have successfully built their own IT practice and have expertise and knowledge for advising clients on JAVA and NoSQL technologies. Neo4j partners provide business process design, implementation expertise, application best practices and consulting to every size Neo customer in all industries.
  • Technology partners (Cloud or Platform) promote the integration of Neo4j into their existing platforms and solutions. Technology providers from all industries create and develop innovative solutions that leverage Neo4j and help create awareness and adoption of Neo4j.
  • Referral partners focus on helping identify and generate new leads and customer referrals for Neo. Partners who identify and refer net-new business opportunities are eligible to earn referral fees once the business has closed.
Program Benefits
  • Access to Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database and its global community of experts
  • Effective field engagement with access to Neo engineering resources
  • Access to partner program resources to help develop and expand business
  • Sales, training, and marketing visibility to expand partner business and revenue
Neo Partners Speak Out “Open Software Integrators is seeing tremendous traction in the NoSQL space, as well as adoption of NoSQL solutions within the Enterprise. Neo4j is the leading graph database solution and we are excited to join the Neo4j Partner Graph and provide valuable solutions to our clients.” –Andrew C. Oliver, President, Open Software Integrators “Graph database solutions are becoming an increasingly important part of InfoClear’s consulting practice. Neo4j is the leading graph database solution and we are excited to join the Neo4j Partner Graph and provide valuable solutions to our clients.” –Michael Kilgore, Partner, InfoClear “Centrum Systems is pleased to be part of Neo’s partner program. Together we are helping more of our customers realize benefits across their business by leveraging the mass of complex, connected data using the Neo4j graph database.” –Helen Monoghan, Director of Business Development, Centrum Systems “In today’s quickly evolving world, applications must be designed to be dynamic and adaptable. Utilizing traditional RDBMS introduces unnecessary complexity into the system and increases the time it takes to deliver an application to market. Neo4j, the leader in graph databases, provides an alternative that is agile and flexible. We look forward to delivering services around Neo4j to German customers and helping them discover derive value from their solutions.” –Thomas Scherm, Codecentric “At OpenCredo we pride ourselves on selecting technologies that deliver real value to our clients. Since becoming involved with Neo4j we have been excited to work on a large number of projects that delivered significant value through the use of this leading graph database technology. In joining the Neo4j Partner Graph we look forward to continuing to find new and innovative uses of this exciting technology alongside Neo Technology.” –Jonas Partner, CEO, OpenCredo “We are seeing increased traction in the web scale database space, addressing mostly non-relational, distributed, graphical and horizontally scale solutions. We now have working client solutions running Neo4j, a leading graph database, in conjunction with Microsoft’s SQL Azure cloud. Today we are excited to join Neo Technology’s Neo4j Partner Graph program to continue to provide valuable scalable database solutions to our clients.” –Graeme Strange, Managing Director, Readify “Neo4j is the leading graph database backed by a dedicated team with incredible performance in all areas. We believe that becoming a Neo Technology partner formalizes our commitment to making alien technology available to the enterprise world.” –Toni Menzel, Founder, Rebaze For more information on the Neo4j Partner Graph or to join, please visit: