Neo Technology Launches GraphAcademy

GraphAcademy: The World’s Leading Source For Developer Education On Graph Databases

Neo Technology Responds To Strong Demand For Graph Database Education

Neo Technology today announced GraphAcademy, the world’s most comprehensive source for developer education on graph databases. The mission of GraphAcademy is to educate developers on how to use graph databases to solve some of the most interesting and valuable problems in data, and how they can easily and effectively leverage the power of the graph. According to IDC, 80 percent of IT managers believe effective training is critical to the success of a project, and three out of four managers believe effective training increases the chances of a project meeting its deadlines. As the use of graph databases continues to accelerate, GraphAcademy will be a crucial asset to the 25+ percent of enterprises that Forrester predicts will be using a graph database by 2017. “Graph databases are the fastest growing category in the entire database sector according to DB-Engines,” said Emil Eifrem, co-founder and CEO of Neo Technology. “We are launching GraphAcademy to meet the enormous demand for training in order to educate developers on how best to design, develop and deploy graph database applications. Part of our mission as an open source company is to promote learning. So we’re excited about launching this innovative program, which provides easy access to a broad range of learning resources, many of which are free.” To date, GraphAcademy has already reached more than 100,000 developers through a variety of online, classroom and workshop programs. Top ranked universities around the world are also incorporating GraphAcademy intellectual property into their curriculum. GraphAcademy provides flexible offerings to meet developers’ training needs based on their current role and available resources. GraphAcademy’s standard and customized training programs are designed to match a wide range of needs at different stages in the educational cycle. Supporting Quotes
“The GraphAcademy online training is amazing and you can build your first graph application in just hours.” –Ed Kazic, CTO, Radmis Pty Ltd, Australia “My students totally loved the Neo4j introduction class delivered from GraphAcademy. The content was customized to all student levels and fit perfectly into our NoSQL / Big Data / Analytics courses.” –Prof. Dr. Stefan Edlich, Beuth University of Technology, Berlin (Applied Sciences) “A great class on a solid, mature graph DB with plenty of backing and support from Neo and the community.” –GraphAcademy Intro to Neo4j class student, Silicon Valley, October 2013 “I learned today what would have taken me two weeks on my own.” –GraphAcademy Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j class student, Austin, TX, Feb 2014
Graphs Are Eating the World (and so is Neo4j) Over the past year, Neo4j has received a variety of awards and recognition, being named a Cool Vendor in DBMS, 2014 by Gartner, Inc., being listed among the ‘Who’s Who in NoSQL DBMSs’ by Gartner, ‘10 Companies and Technologies to Watch in 2013’ by Robin Bloor of the Bloor Group, inclusion in the ‘21 NoSQL Innovators to Look for in 2020’ list by Gary MacFadden of Wikibon, “2014 Technology of the Year” from InfoWorld, as well as notable product awards from AlwaysOn, CRN, DTBA and others. Neo4j is ranked as the world’s leading graph database by industry observer DB-Engines, who also note that graph databases are also growing in popularity faster than any other segment in the database space. According to the firm, “When we look at how much various categories of database management systems increased their popularity last year, Graph DBMSs are the clear winner with more than 250 percent increase.”

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Sign up today to learn how to unlock new business value by re-imagining your data as a graph. Register and join us for an #AllYouCanGraph day in Silicon Valley on June 13th: For a schedule of upcoming courses and webinars, please visit For a limited time only, Neo Technology is offering an online course: Getting Started with Neo4j completely free of charge.