Neo Technology's Graph Database Plays Well With Gaming Industry

SAN MATEO, CA–(Marketwire – Apr 2, 2013) –
  • Woozworld Inc. and Gamesys Ltd Tap Neo4j to Pwn Connected Data Challenges
  • Neo Announces Two Gaming Webinars: ‘Graphs for Gaming’ on April 4 and May 29
Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced continued global adoption of Neo4j by popular gaming companies, Woozworld Inc., and Gamesys Ltd. Graph database technology continues to be the intuitive choice for the gaming industry as more companies are tapping into the versatility of Neo4j to pwn their connected data challenges. Neo4j enables gaming companies to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging connected data to bring the best and most innovative features online to their users. The maturity of Neo4j, with over 10 years of production use, translates into large-scale reliable deployments that gaming companies can bet the company on. Neo will offer two webinars on graph databases and gaming: ‘Graphs for Gaming’ on April 4 and on May 29. The Social Graph Graphs are the ideal technical representation of a social network comprised of people and relationships between people. It is no coincidence that one of the more common uses of Neo4j is social. By structuring their data in a graph database, social gaming companies are able to achieve the following benefits:
  • Scale to Millions of Users: Using a Google+ approach to their community, Woozworld looked to Neo4j when rolling out the social aspect of the website, that would scale with their growing number of users (around 6.5 million users).
  • Roll Out Support for Social Capabilities: The Neo4j graph data model — coupled with Neo’s Cypher query language — make it possible to easily build extremely fast social data applications. Neo4j can return data thousands of times faster than a relational database, using queries that require one-tenth the amount of code.
Customer Highlights/Key Facts
  • Gamesys Ltd., a leading gambling provider, leverages Neo4j to power high-value social features in its cash gaming portfolio. This includes tracking which players interact with whom and managing referral bonuses. According to Gamesys, Neo4j was selected from an extensive research and development exercise in which several competing APIs were evaluated. The real world experiences of Gamesys users are helping to shape the gaming graph and the future direction of this technology.
  • Woozworld Inc. is a fast growing, kid-scale 2.0 virtual world for youth that allows them to socialize online and leverage their natural creativity in a virtual world. Woozworld looked to Neo4j to roll out the social aspect of its website in a way that would scale to its 6.5 million users. Neo4j proved to be the most appropriate choice to meet their large community base and number of real-time conversationsRegister to join Neo’s upcoming webinar: ‘Graphs for Gaming’ When: April 4 and May 29, 2013 at 8 a.m. PDT Graph Databases have many uses in many industries, but one of the most interesting is in Gaming, where graphs are gaining momentum. Games are perfect applications to benefit from graph-based queries, because of their speed and accuracy for quick, in-game recommendations. These recommendations make games more interesting for the users and more profitable for the game providers, developers and publishers. After all, the latter want to recommend specific games to specific target audiences, and thereby maximize their potential revenues.Supporting quotes “Our mission is to help the world make sense of data with graph databases. From the social graph, to the transaction graph, to the referral graph, to the master data graph, gaming organizations and others are adopting this technology to leverage their data in ways they never thought was possible. Neo4j is a perfect fit for the gaming industry because it ensures that users have an awesome experience.” — Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology”Using Neo4j allowed us to focus on the important parts of the project: getting the domain model right, extracting novel insights from the data and delivering business value quickly.” — Toby O’Rourke, Technical Architect, Gamesys