Neo4j Announces Impressive Agenda for GraphConnect New York

Neo4j, the market leader in connected data, today announced the agenda for its annual GraphConnect conference, to be held at Pier 36 in New York City on October 24 with training sessions scheduled for October 23.

Making its second appearance in New York, GraphConnect is the largest-ever gathering of graph database enthusiasts, developers, architects, technical managers, directors and CTOs. For the past six years, GraphConnect has continued to entice a wide variety of speakers from leading global companies around the world, including LendingClub, Microsoft, eBay, Comcast, UBS, Blackstone Federal, the Department of Homeland Security, Oregon Health & Science University and many more.

At GraphConnect New York, speakers from a variety of industry verticals will share their stories on how Neo4j has made an impact in terms of innovation, technology and the bottom line — from the scale of small startups all the way up to global enterprises. This year’s sponsors include IBM, GraphAware, GraphGrid, Structr, Cambridge Intelligence, Tom Sawyer Software, Expero, Linkurious and FactGem.

GraphConnect New York highlights include:

  • “Attack and Defense with Graphs at Microsoft” Presented by Sacha Faust, principal technical lead under the Cloud + Enterprise (C+E) Red Team at Microsoft
  • “Graph-Powered Conversational Commerce at eBay” Presented by Ajinkya Kale, MTS applied researcher & data scientist and Anuj Vatsa, senior software engineer, eBay
  • “Natural Language Processing and Topic Modeling for Social Network Analysis” Presented by Laura Drummer, director of software & engineering at Novetta
  • “Xfinity xFi and User Personalization” Presented by Mark Hashimoto, director of engineering of the Internet of Things & Jessica Lowing, senior manager of product & engineering, Comcast
  • “Microservice and Module Management with Neo4j” Presented by John Lavin, software architect at Vanguard
  • “Intelligent Recommendation Engine for Financial Analysts” Presented by Geoff Horrell, director of product incubation at Thomson Reuters
  • “Neo4j and Information Sharing for Enterprise Architects” Presented by Jessica Dembe, front-end developer at Blackstone Federal
  • “Mapping Ontologies in Graphs for Personalization at Gousto” Presented by Irene Iriarte-Carretero, data scientist at Gusto
  • “Using Neo4j to Design High-Performance Processors for Neo4j” Presented by Chuck Calio, the IBM Power Systems offering manager for modern data platforms and cognitive solutions

View the full GraphConnect New York agenda here

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