Neo4j behind Next Generation of Messaging

Nextwave Software has revealed some of the key technologies powering the infrastructure behind its revolutionary Walkabout smart messaging service. Nextwave has chosen Typesafe, Windows Azure and Neo4J to help it drive the most significant technology disruption seen to date in the over-the-top (OTT) messaging space.

(PRWEB) March 24, 2014 “Nextwave’s Walkabout Smart Messaging Service leverages Typesafe’s Reactive technologies — Play Framework and Akka — to power a revolutionary and highly scalable OTT messaging platform,” said Typesafe CEO, Mark Brewer. He continued: “This is a very innovative execution of our technology and we are proud to support Nextwave in this groundbreaking effort.” Walkabout’s smart messaging eliminates the redundancy of multiple messaging platforms, allowing users to connect and collaborate via browser over voice, video, chat and more. Without compelling users to install software, Walkabout contributes an intelligent agent to each conversation, empowering communication with contextually relevant information and services. “Nextwave’s Walkabout is built on Windows Azure. Windows Azure is Microsoft’s public and hybrid Cloud platform designed for high-availability, scalability, reliability, interoperability and security across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Nextwave has chosen Windows Azure as the IaaS platform of choice using Linux virtual machines. We look forward to working with them and supporting them through our programs like Microsoft BizSpark for Start-Ups,” says David LeBlanc, Windows Azure Product Manager for Microsoft Canada. “By leveraging Neo4j’s world class Graph DB technology to supercharge Walkabout’s social and knowledge graph features, they have made the best possible technology choice for this,” said Peter Neubauer, Co-Founder of Neo4j. He added: “We look forward to supporting Walkabout as it scales into the millions and seeing which new valuable insights this uncovers as they chart the unexplored.” The messaging space is rife with jockeying by all the major social networking providers for consumer attention. In 2014, this space has witnessed unprecedented consolidation with Viber’s $1B exit to Rakuten and the $19B acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook. This has created tremendous demand for differentiated and context aware messaging features. “OTT Messaging is a mature technology space that is ripe for disruption,” said Chris Boothroyd, CEO of Nextwave Software. “By adding agent-driven artificial intelligence to social networking and messaging, we can change the entire concept of what it means to communicate and make people’s lives simpler and better. Its time to harness all of that technology out there, turn it around and make it work for all of us.” “The technologies of Typesafe, Windows Azure and Neo4j are critical in facilitating the Walkabout platform, and we’re extremely pleased to have them involved,” continued Boothroyd,”They are world-class leaders in their technologies, and building on their innovations provides us with the security of scale and seamlessness in transforming messaging into a whole new realm of opportunity.” Read the full article.